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Lost ratings

You may or may not have noticed, but I’ve added another page to the blog.  Right beside About Me I’ve added the page Lost ratings.

I’m going to use this page to keep track of Lost Nielsen Rating.  I’ve put all the ratings from old episodes there and I am going to put on new ratings when there are new episodes.

Go check out the page for more info, and a rant or two.

- Izi


episode reviews/analysis plan

I was getting tired of writing review/analysis so I was trying to think of a better way of saying it.  I have an aversion to calling it a review, because anyone can write a review on anything, and I can’t really call it an analysis because I do want to rate the episode.  So at this point I think I’m going to go with Revlysis.  It almost makes sense, and it’s better than the other option Analview.

Posting Plans

I’ve started watching the old episodes of Lost.  Today I’ll tell you my plan and my format for reviewing and analyzing the episodes.

I know a few other sites are also watching some of the old episodes.  IGN is going to review a few, definitely not all of them though, they are pretty slow.  Zap2it is also doing a great review of season 1.  If you know of any others please tell me.

As of the season finale of season 4 we have 84 episodes of Lost (with the Pilot and the finale broken down)  We have about 29 weeks until season 5 starts.  If I do three episodes a week I will finish just in time.  I intend to post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  If for any reason I slow down, I will work hard to catch up before January.  But I doubt I’ll fall behind, I’m very dedicated to Lost.

If you’re feeling inclined to you can watch the episodes with me.  Or better yet, watch the episodes after I do, that way you can pick up on the things I bring out and tell me if I miss anything (which will undoubtedly happen).

Revlysis Format

I have a few definite goals in my Revlysis.  I want to avoid getting too deep into the short stories on and off the island.  I want to be focused on two things: The character developments and the mythology and mysteries of the island.


I’ll start with the Review, get it out of the way.  I don’t want to focus too much on reviewing and rating the episodes.  I’ll definitely sum up the episode and rate it, but it won’t be the focus.  Also I intend to rate the show very harshly.  I love Lost, I think it is the best show on TV (perhaps ever) but I can’t be comparing every episode of Lost to every other show, if I did that I would always be rating it perfect 10s.  So I’m comparing these episodes to each other.  I know which episodes are going to get 10s and I know which episodes are going to get 0s.  I want your input on this but don’t expect to change my mind.  If you would rate an episode differently then write that in the comments, and if you want everyone to rate the episode the same way you do, start your own blog.


The Ratings the episode got when it originally aired (the Nielsen ratings, how many people watch the show).  I have an addiction to TV ratings, I can’t not look at how many people watched my favorite shows.  Also it is helpful to watch the ratings so you don’t watch dead end shows.  For example I wanted to watch Moonlight, the Vampire show, and Jericho, the Apocalypse show, but I saw that the ratings were abysmal for both so I didn’t bother.  Now I’m not one of those crazy dedicated fans who’s begging for the show to come back.  I went through that once with Arrested Development and I never want to again.


I’ll list some of the important questions that came up in the episode.  This is mostly to show how many questions have been answered and also so that we don’t forget some of the old unanswered mysteries.

Character Impressions

What I thought of each of the main characters in the episode.  This will helpful to keep track of who is important, and how we felt about the characters initially and how we feel about them now.


I’ll write out some of my initial thoughts when I first watched the episodes


I’ll write out what I’m thinking now.  We know a lot about the show now, so some of the things we didn’t get before now suddenly make sense, and somethings we may have missed originally may pop out at us now.  This will be the most important part of my analysis, if you don’t want to read the Revlysis, at least read this section.

And that is that.  If you have any ideas of other things I should look for while I analyze the old episodes leave me a comment, or if you want to join in somehow.

I’ll try to work on a calendar to show when I’ll be doing each episode.

Tomorrow I’ll be writing about the episode 101 – Pilot (part 1).  Come back and bring your friends.

- Izi

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