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Foreign theories: Lost on Earth’s Mirror Matter Moon

If you thought the Time-Loop Theory was crazy, wait until you see this doozy.  (I don’t think I’ve every written such an outrageously cliched sentence that bad before.)

This theory is called: Lost on Earth’s Mirror Matter Moon, or in case that was too simple: Through the Looking Glass via Theoretical Physics.  Yep, this ones gunna be rough.

Here’s the link.  In this theory he explains how he believes The Island was formed, with the impact of a huge meteor.  There is some stuff about dark and light matter and sort of bridging matter called mirror matter, but that’s all over my head.  He also talks about Jacob.  He has found a historical figure who could possible be the basis of the character.

Also the author recommends another Mirror Matter theory here.  I completely agree with what this guy says at the end about Claire’s baby in the Pilot (part 2).  While rewatching the episodes I came to the same conclusion.  I’m posting the Revlysis tomorrow.

These guys are the heroes that are doing the real Lost theorizing.  We are all amateurs compared to them.  Oh to be an astrophysicist.

- Izi

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