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105 – White Rabbit


Jack-centric episode.  The episode is called White Rabbit, obviously a reference to the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, who Alice followed down the rabbit hole and into wonderland.  This is one of the first of many references to Alice in Wonderland.

This episode fits perfectly after Walkabout, it sets up the on-island mythology to do with Jack.  We see a lot of Christian, this has a lot to do with season 4, in which we, again, see a lot of Christian.  After watching this episode I think I’m willing to change my opinion of Jack, I have really disliked him for a long time.  Now I think I’m ready to like him again.  Next season he’s supposed to change a lot, he’s supposed to be more like what Locke was like in the first season.  Anywho, this was a good episode, and I love to see Christian so I’ll give it a 9.0/10.

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