617 – Ratings

617 – The End

13.50 million viewers

5.8/15 18-49 viewers

From TVbytheNumbers.

And here are some press releases from ABC bragging about Lost: here and here.

I was pretty close.  I thought it would be 14 million viewers with a 5.5/12 share.

Here are the half-hour breakdowns:

The Final Journey:

7:00 – 9.39 million 3.8/13 18-49

7:30 – 8.90 million 3.6/12 18-49

8:00 – 10.09 million 4.1/12 18-49

8:30 – 10.99 million 4.6/13 18-49

The clip show did pretty well.  I watched it.  I even got a friend of mine who is behind to watch the whole thing with us.  He seemed to understand what was happening because of the clips.

I was a little disturbed with the lack of attention some of the characters got.  They barely mentioned Juliet, Daniel and Walt, and I don’t think they mentioned Ana Lucia Libby and Eko at all.  But I can imagine if I was making a clip show of six seasons of Lost and I had to compress it to two hours, those people would be the first to be cut… well not Daniel and Juliet.

617 – The End

9:00 – 13.09 million 5.6/15 18-49

9:30 – 12.91 million 5.6/14 18-49

10:00 – 13.06 million 5.6/14 18-49

10:30 – 13.09 million 5.7/15 18-49

11:00 – 15.31 million 6.4/19 18-49

I can’t imagine what happened at 11:00.  Apparently all the fools who finished watching Celebrity Apprentice felt the need to switch over and watch the last half hour of Lost.  That would be so confusing.

- izi

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1 Response to “617 – Ratings”

  1. 1 Mint
    May 24, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    I know some people (fools!) who were watching sports games (lakers/suns, stanley cup, yankees/mets) and then switched over to catch the end of lost.

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