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601 – LA X (part 1)


I started watching this episode thinking that I was not going to enjoy it.  I thought that either we’d have a timeline reset or not, it was one way or another.  I would have been unhappy either way.  With the Reset I would have been bored with that time period and I would have hated to see all that “progress” disappear.  Without the Reset, Juliet and Daniel died for nothing, and frankly with a title like LA X and news that every former cast member was coming back, it wasn’t possible for there not to be a Reset.  So I pretty much ignored Lost during the hiatus.  If I spent too much time thinking about it I would make myself angry.

At Comic-Con Darlton asked us to trust them.  And I’m very glad that I did.  They are geniuses.  I would never have guessed that they were doing to diverging timelines.  I’ve heard a few bloggers suggest it as a possibility, but frankly I rarely believe anything my fellow bloggers say, I wouldn’t say that to their face, but it’s true.  Seeing it in action is just glorious.  It’s literally the best of both worlds.

As for this episode specifically, it was awesome.  The inevitable scene that showed that the plane didn’t crash and then underwater Island reveal was perfectly devastating (not unlike the underwater Oceanic 815 wreckage).  At that point I was ready to resign myself to the fact that the writers had chosen the more boring route of starting over.

But that was just the first intro.  The second was another slow reveal of another timeline.  Too good.  Suddenly we were presented with a new format and an amazing new story.

Cut to the beach and we have more insanity.  It’s casually revealed that “Locke” is Smokey.  Smokey tears up some people with guns and blows our mind (what’s new).

Then Jacob shows up to visit Hurley and it turns out he’s very dead but he isn’t helpless, he seems to have a plan, or at least hope.  It’s very comforting to hear Jacob giving orders even from beyond the grave.

All of this is peppered with visits from characters we thought dead.  Charlie and Boone were exciting to someone out there, not me.  But the return of Juliet was quite wonderful.  I still wish that Juliet and Sawyer could have had a happily ever after, but I realize I’m being naive.  That’s not the kind of show I signed on for.  What we did get was a small amount of closure and at least a new final image of Juliet (If I have to see that scene with Juliet’s slow death again… well I’ll outline my plans below).

My expectations for this episode were at about a 7 maybe an 8, but this is honestly a 10.0, mostly for the introduction of this glorious new format (Smokey=”Locke” didn’t hurt).

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Season 6 Premiere Expectations

Let’s all get our hopes up. Let’s raise our expectations so high that the show will never be able to meet them. Yeah!

What Do You Want?

What do you want from the Season 6 premiere? Do you want a grand reunion episode? Do you want Jughead to reset the past? Or do you want it to simply cause a big explosion? Do you want the past to be ignored? Or do you want the story to pick up where it left off, with our 70s heroes standing around The Swan and our 07 heroes standing around the foot?

What I Want

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Season 6 Character Promos

Here are all the promotional pictures of the cast for Season 6.  These include some beautiful shots of some truly terrible backdrops.  Enjoy!




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The Third Lost Last Supper

I wouldn’t mind a new poster for season 3, but apparently that’s not happening.  Instead we have another version of The Last Supper.  This one is more significant, instead of staring at Locke or staring at the camera, the characters are all doing their own thing.  (Also, I’m quite thankful that this promo was obviously a real picture instead of a air-brushed composite of separate character pictures like last seasons cast picture and this seasons teaser poster.)

I found this picture on pretty much every important Lost blog: DarkUFO, DocArzt,

This requires some analysis.  So here goes.

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Lost the Last Supper (official)

ABC has finally released a high-resolution version of the Last Supper promo picture.  Unfortunately they also took another picture where the actors seem to break the fourth wall and ruin the original scene, oh well.

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Lost’s Last Supper

UPDATE 1: Check out the official high res version here.

UPDATE 2: And check out some new versions of that picture here.

DocArzt has uncovered one of the best Lost cast pictures to date.  It’s a recreation of the Last Supper.

Check ‘er out:

UPDATE – Look a new version:

I remember when Battlestar Galactica did this.  It was better that time, more hidden meaning, better expressions on everyone’s faces, not just all staring at the Jesus stand-in.  But this photo is still pretty awesome, it expresses what we all want to know: what is “Locke” going to do next?

I would absolutely love it if someone could find a better version of this picture.  I’ll keep my eye out, but if you find one please let me know.

- izi


Season 6 Cast Photos

ABC just released the promo pictures for the main cast members for Season 6.  Click the “read more” link to see them all.  Some people might consider these pictures spoilers.  That’s crazy talk if you ask me, but I try to respect the insane among  us.

I also talk a little about the official cast list for Season 6.

Extremely minor CASTING SPOILERS below.

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Best Season 6 Poster

Best quality, that is.  This was posted in a few places: DarkUFO, BuddyTV, and Doc Arzt.

Here are the changes that I noticed:

  • They demoted a few of the girls, Libby and Charlotte seem to have undergone the most shrinkage
  • They got rid of the hieroglyphics
  • They moved Frank over to the left between Charlotte and Shannon
  • A lot of the characters got changed
  • And they threw Vincent in at the end, how nice of them

You know who hasn’t been added?  Walt.  Apparently Vincent ranks higher than Walt.

- izi


Lost Comic-Con 2009 Analysis

Comic Con 09 01

First of all I should say SPOILER ALERT.  I personally don’t think that anything that happens at Comic-Con is a spoiler but some people do.  So you’ve been warned.

Secondly, you should probably check out these videos from Comic-Con:

The Panel

The Videos

Now on to the analysis:

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Lost Comic-Con 2009 Videos

If one wants to remain completely untainted by spoilers of Season 6, official or otherwise, then don’t read ahead.


The Comic-Con 09 panel was posted on Saturday.  Here are the other official videos that were shown at Comic-Con.

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