Posting Plans

So now that we all know what’s happening here, let’s get to it.

Lost season 4 just ended.  This finale was glorious and long.  A lot happened, I hope to go throught the interesting parts of finale and give my opinion on them and what i think will happen in the future.  So here are the next blog posts that I want to do for the next month (or more):

  • Michael’s last scene
  • Desmond and Penny reuniting
  • Juliet (& Sawyer)
  • Sawyers fate
  • Suns experience
  • Who was in the coffin
  • Jin’s Fate
  • Daniel’s fate
  • Kate’s rebuttal to Jacks idea
  • Hurley’s first flashforward (in the premiere)
  • Sun talking to Whidmore
  • New Narnia theory
  • Harold Perrineau’s anger
  • Walt’s surprise appearance
  • The island moving
  • Dharma video (+ outtake)
  • Lockes on-island problems
  • Ben’s freakout
  • Jack and co. getting back to the island

I doubt I will write these posts in that exact order and I don’t want to put a schedule out there because I know that I won’t want to follow it.  I’m sure that I could write all of these things into one massive post, but in my experience no one reads my writing after the second paragraph anyways so I’m going to separate the subjects into their own posts.  I will likely write three to five posts a weeks.

After I’m done writing about the finale I intend to slow the blog down a little and write a page about each of the characters, outlining my opinions of them, and predictions for their future.

At that point I want to start at the beginning and rewatch all of the episodes again, I did this between almost all of the season, I missed out between season 3 and 4.  As I rewatch the episodes I want to write a little review of the episode writing about how I felt back then, what I’m thinking now.  Also for each episode I want to write out each of the questions that are raised and then in later episodes I will refer back to the questions and explain how or if they are answered.

So that’s the plan, if you have any suggestions email me at  izikavazo AT hotmail DOT com

– Izi

























2 Responses to “Posting Plans”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    June 4, 2008 at 10:04 pm

    Izi Kavazo? I want the story on that name!

    When you are done re-watching I want to borrow your DVD’s again.
    I did tape this entire season — even some of those annoying pop ups, that now and again offered valid info (such as Daniel’s caregiver!) so if you need that … it’s all yours.

    Love the idea of character profiles too. This is such fun!

  2. 2 Clayton
    June 5, 2008 at 4:57 am

    good job on the blog, man. I’m excited to read some of your opinions and theories on things.

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