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I do read other Lost blogs and I enjoy them immensely.  I recommend you read all of the following blogs.  Likely they will pretty much shut down over the next six months until there are new episodes, but I encourage you to dig through their archives and read what they have to say about this glorious show.  That being said I have problems with a few of them.  They get too deep into one aspect of the show.  They are too focused on their own interests that they miss the big picture.  I mean no disrespect to these bloggers but hey, it’s my blog so I can write my own opinion.

Doc Jenson over at ew.com is wonderful, he has an in with the Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and knows the show inside and out.  But he is absolutely obsessed with the cultural references and allegories in the show.  He also goes way too far into the sci-fi aspects.  I know this is a sci-fi show but it’s also on network TV and is trying, with moderate success, to be accessible to the masses.  There is no way that the majority of his theories could ever be true simply because Lost doesn’t have the budget to bring about his magnificent imaginings and the audience doesn’t have the brain-power to comprehend the complicated scientific or metaphysical ideas that he wants to be true.  So while Doc Jenson is one of my favourite Lost bloggers I don’t think that you should everything he says because his world is far too fantastical to be possible.  At the same time he has some great entertaining comparisons and references in his blog, so it’s worth reading just to find out things like: what Stephen King book is referenced in what episode and how Lost=Star Wars.

J. Wood over at Powell’s Booksis another highly recommended Lost blogger, and I can understand why.  J. Wood is one of the most well read personalities on the Internet.  He clearly has read a lot of books, but I believe that is what makes him so hard to relate to.  His blog is unreadable for most people.  His theories are more about literature as a whole than about Lost.  I will continue to struggle through his posts and try to understand what he is talking about but I don’t think that his theories will ever translate into reality on the show.  If you read a lot of books then by all means try to explain to me what he is talking about, because I’m apparently very far behind on my reading.

Another Lost blog which I regularly read is The Lost Diary.  I love the way this blog is written.  Daniel, the author, does a great job of methodically going thought the episode writing down his feelings about what is happening on the screen minute by minute.  I have no complaints about his format, I would love to copy it but I respect him too much to do that so instead I will simply tip my hat in his direction and try to forge my own individual blog.  While I love this blog for what it accomplishes, at the same time the authors opinions at times drive me crazy he seems to dislike all the characters I like and he somehow didn’t like season 4, and I can’t understand that.  But a difference in opinion is a good thing when it comes to Lost so, by all means, read his blog.

Now that I’ve torn down all of the bloggers that I look up, I should probably try to establish what I want to do.  I have been watching Lost from the beginning (I should probably say that I did miss the original premiere but they re-aired the following week so I caught it at that point).  Unfortunately the majority of my friends have less than regular TV watching habits so I was practically alone in watching Lost.  I immediately started recruiting people to watch the show, and I haven’t stopped.  So at this point I have a large group of people who I discuss Lost with.  In season 1 & 2 it was easy to just tell people my theories by word of mouth.  As more people started joining my “group” I started sending out emails.  Now I’m moving on to blogging.  I doubt that I have extraordinarily new ideas or theories about Lost but I love to talk about it and share my opinions so that’s what I want to do.  I have been wrong about the majority of my theories but not for lack of trying.  I hope that my blog will not only share my opinions about the characters and episodes but also give you a normal persons thoughts on what will happen.  I will not write or promote spoilers, I have no secret sources who know what’s going to happen, I don’t get to watch any of the episodes in advance (I live on the Westcoast so that is really true).  I will listen to the official Lost sources, those sources being Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff.

Unfortunately Lost season 4 just ended last week so one would suspect that I won’t have much to talk about.  Of course that’s not true.  As an avid Lost fan I know the awful withdrawal we experience each year as Lost goes on it’s summer hiatus (and now summer & fall and most of winter hiatus).  I hope that by writing a continuous stream of theories and reviews I can tide you over until next year when Lost will come back.

In my next post I’ll outline what exactly I’ll be writing about in the weeks and months to come.

– Izi


2 Responses to “Summary of blog”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    June 4, 2008 at 10:01 pm

    Izi (new blogging id?) you are hard on the other bloggers!

    J.Wood is my personal favourite. He took WAY too long to post about the finale – in fact, I haven’t read it yet.
    Anytime he gets into the science realm he truly loses me but I think it does my brain some good (though not my ego) to stretch its stubborn borders.

    I keep planning to read ‘some’ of the books that are referenced on Lost – wanna join me?
    Come on…you know you wanna!

    Who else is in? That will only add to the fodder we have to keep us going until next GULP! January.

  2. 2 izikavazo
    June 5, 2008 at 12:40 am

    Yeah that was probably too harsh. I desperately hope none of them have the time to read a blog like this.

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