Season 4 Finale: Sawyer’s Fate & Juliet (& Sawyer)

This is the first post in my series about the season 4 finale.  I’ll grey out the titles from that original post as I write about the topics.

So poor Sawyer got left behind.  This has been a pretty rough season for him.  He chose Locke’s party over Jacks mostly because he had no reason to leave the island.  Kate went back to him for one episode and it was clear that she had no intention of making it permanent.  NewOtherton was attacked by Keamy and his troops, most of the extras dies (yaaay).  He was forced to leave with a ghostly white Claire (I’ll come back to that in another post), Aaron, and Miles.  They find out Danielle and Karl are dead.  Claire splits, leaving poor Sawyer with a Psychic a baby and a gun in the jungle.  Until he runs into Jack and Kate running to find the Helicopter.  He goes with a sickly Jack, and then we’re up to the finale.

In the finale Sawyer is sort of side-lined.  The Finale is essentially for the Oceanic Six, Ben, Locke and sometimes Desmond and Penny.  Poor Sawyer is left struggling to say clever things just to get into scenes, he throws out one of his worst jokes/flirtation at Kate, “did you kill this guy” (or something, I’m not great at memorizing lines, feel free to correct me).  And then Kate goes over to Jack who it’s clear she’s going to be with for the next 3-4 years.  He gets really caught up in the “let’s get rescued” attitude and for some reason gets on the helicopter.  Halfway out to sea he remembers that he doesn’t really want to get rescued and heroically jumps out of the helicopter.  He then proceeds to swim a huge distance, and as Miss Scarlett points out, isn’t even out of breath when he gets to land.  When he gets to land he meets a surly and intoxicated Juliet.

Juliet was also sidelined this episode, she’s been sidelined this whole season.  I love Juliet, she has a great back story and I lover her interactions with Ben and the fact that she’s an other, (and I know it’s old, but I still have a huge fascination with the Others).  I’ll get into my love for Juliet later.  So this episode all she got to do was be self-sacrificing.  She insisted that Daniel take out the nobodies before she got on the raft, if you watch that scene it’s quite clear that Daniel knows that he won’t be coming back for another trip but he can’t share his Boaty secrets with anyone on the island, especially an other.  I seriously believed that they were going to kill Juliet this season, I’m glad they didn’t but the writers really didn’t use her.  She had one episode people didn’t like, mostly because it followed the best Lost episode of all time (I know it’s a little dramatic, I’m trying emphasize the glory of the episode) The Constant.  It was also not popular because it was a flashback, and we have grown used to the wonderful flashforwards.  But she didn’t die, she was marginalized and scorned by Jack, with whom she has an admittedly odd relationship.  It’s clear that they were matched together by Ben.  They had a lot in common, they were doctors, scientific minded, extremely driven and desperate to get off the island.  They had a parallel course for all of season three.  It was pretty obvious that there was nothing between them though.  She was his rebound from seasons of refusals by Kate.  So now they are apart, it didn’t seem to bother her much, she is very independent they only thing she seems to need is sex.

This is where I make a prediction.  This prediction is going to be disliked by many people.  Juliet and Sawyer will end up together.  This is not a romantic thing, they simply don’t have anyone else.  The years (possibly) of being alone on the island with only two other freighter-folk, the Others and Locke with push the two of them together.  And that’s it.  It will be an awkward sexual relationship that will most definitely not last, but I believe it will happen (don’t hit me).

Getting back to Sawyer, I think that Kate and Sawyer will end up together in the end.  This goes along well with my other prediction: that Jack will die at the end of the show, likely to save everyone else.  Where does this leave everyone?  I bet Kate and Sawyer will stay on the island and Juliet will finally be able to leave.

So that’s that.

– Izi

next time: Jin’s Fate and Daniel’s Fate


6 Responses to “Season 4 Finale: Sawyer’s Fate & Juliet (& Sawyer)”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    June 5, 2008 at 11:54 pm

    Let me tell you – I was so relieved that Sawyer made it onto that helicopter but got off before the freighter. Phew.

    I have truly been afraid for Sawyer’s life this season – and that gun battle in New Otherton was stressful for me. Walking away with Dead/Live Claire wasn’t even enough to upset me because I was still gasping air after holding my breath while Sawyer dodged bullets.
    I did have to laugh as one redshirt (how did they get that name??) after the other ran in front of bullets – the rocket launcher was overkill.

    yeah…I can see Juliet and Sawyer hooking up NOT THAT I WANT TO!! but both of them seem to be lacking in the realm of sexual boundaries – it does appear that both relate best (or most often) to others when horizontal or heading that direction.
    well…maybe it will boost ratings to make up for the stupid Thurs. night timeslot

    I’m hoping they were both sidelined because of the writer’s strike jazz – Juliet is a strong character (which is why my reaction to her is strong) and deserves more than squints and crooked smiles during her scenes. Ughghgh that twitchy face

    Sawyer did have some fantastic lines this season — my personal favourite “Who am I (or was it we?) to question Taller Ghost Walt?”

    Back to Juliet and Jack – I think most of their interactions are, on Jack’s part, a rebellion against (but still working according to plan) Ben’s manipulations. That dreadfully awkward and passionless kiss was a Locke-ian ‘Don’t tell me what I can’t do!’ moment if I’ve ever seen one. Kinda sad when adults are that childish.

    If your #1 theory of Jack-must-die-to-save-all comes true…I just don’t know what.

  2. 2 missscarlett
    June 5, 2008 at 11:56 pm

    Like the new header btw

  3. June 9, 2008 at 11:36 am

    Ya know, as I was reading this and had to ask myself why I didnt want Juliet and Sawyer together. I like both of the characters and while they might make an odd pairing, I think I would like to see them together!

  4. June 9, 2008 at 12:10 pm

    Good for you for keeping an open mind, I doubt the Lost community as a whole would/will be so willing to stop and think about it. When it comes to hooking characters up on this show we tend to be pretty rabid.

  5. August 26, 2008 at 2:46 am

    “and as Miss Scarlett points out, isn’t even out of breath when he gets to land. ”


    He was exhausted, watch the scene again.

    He’s not exactly unfit, either.

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