Season 4 finale: Suns experience & Sun talking to Whidmore

So Sun really pulled that out her ass.  After 4 years with only one reaction to anything shocking (her BIG eyes), she suddenly is hysterical.  I’m not quite sure if that was good acting or not, it was definitely noticeable, but maybe it was overacting (I’m wincing a little while I’m writing this, because Sun is such a nice person).  Yeah I couldn’t help but notice in the last two episodes that poor Suns face is extraordinarily asymmetrical.  Apparently they’ve been getting good angles on her over the past four years, because I never even noticed.  Anyways, this discussion is really beside the point.

What was Sun thinking?  What I mean to say is, what did she think happened to Jin?  She kept screaming that they had to go back they had to get him, even after the freighter blew up.  Are these just the ravings of a hysterical woman?  Or does she really believe that Jin is alive?

That brings us to the second subject, Sun talking to Charles Whidmore.  I suggest you all watch that scene again, you need to listen carefully to what she is saying to him.  She says two things that alarm me.  First that “we both have common interests” and “we aren’t the only ones who got off the island”.  This conversation should be taken into the context of two others.  During her take-over of Paik Industries she says her father is one of the two people she blames for Jin’s death.  And in the last scene of this season when Jack is talking to Ben he says that Sun blames him, Jack, for Jin’s death.  So it’s extremely important to figure out what Sun was talking about when she was talking to Whidmore.  I think there are two possibilities.

Before I get to those possibilities I have to say how strange it is that Mr. Whidmore isn’t the second person she blames for Jins death.  He was the one who funded the freighter trip and he made the “secondary protocol” which may or may not have included the stacks of C4.  Also Mr. Whidmore and Paik Industries are without a doubt connected, that was established in The Lost Experience and possibly in more subtle ways during the show (I can’t really remember, just look it up on Lostpedia).  So who knows why Sun isn’t just trying to kill Mr. Whidmore, it seems like she would want to.

Also, if Sun blames Jack does that make him her second target?  That seems a little out of character.  I believe that Jacks line was misdirection, I doubt Sun is very angry at Jack for leaving Jin behind, I’m sure after 3 years of thinking about that day she would see that they couldn’t have landed on the freighter to get Jin.

Back to Suns conversation with Charles.

First possibility: Sun’s a bitch.  Maybe Sun is talking about Desmond when she says “we aren’t the only ones who got off the island”.  And their common interests could be to find the island.  She might want to find it because she believes that Jin is still alive.

Second possibility: Locke talked to Sun.  Maybe Locke found post-island Sun and told her that Ben was the reason why the freighter blew up.  Maybe he explained to her that Ben killed Keamy knowing what the results would be.  So when she says they have common interests she means they both want to find Ben Linus.  And when she says we aren’t the only ones who got off the island she means that Ben got off too, so we need to find him together and kill/beat him to a pulp.

So looking at the whole story, it’s easier to believe that Sun isn’t a bitch and wants to revenge Jins death by finding and punishing Ben.  I would hope that Sun isn’t crazy enough to turn on poor Desmond.  But if she was to target Desmond then I think I might have a problem with her as a character.  I would rather have her die than anything happen to Desmond.

This gets back to the old debate, who is right Charles or Ben.  I think that in the future it’s possible that Charles is on the sunnier side of morality.  Going after Ben after he threatens to kill Penny, in my opinion, is completely justified.  At the same time I don’t like that Charles’ actions led to the death of poor little Alex (a tear for Alex).  But maybe those weren’t Keamy’s orders.  I’m still torn about Ben, up until the end of his episode I thought he was the greatest character, I never wanted anything to happen to him, but after he promised to go after Penny… I just can’t like him anymore.  I think I should write a post weighing the morality of Ben’s actions and decisions, that would be fun.

Whoops I’ve forgotten about Sun, it’s just so darn easy to do.  I hope she’s still on the straight and narrow and that she is simply targeting Ben, or maybe even tricking Whidmore, but if not then bye-bye Sun.  You can see what the writers have done here, they’ve made a completely sidelined character suddenly powerful and dangerous, that is pretty impressive, Sun went from being the pregnant and dull visible minority to a threat to the most influential characters on the show, Charles and Ben.

– Izi


2 Responses to “Season 4 finale: Suns experience & Sun talking to Whidmore”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    June 8, 2008 at 12:05 am

    So we agree more than disagree on this one.
    I think it utterly ridiculous that Sun could blame Jack for Jin’s death — unless you track all the way back to Jack being the one to call the Freighter folk in the 1st place and come on – everyone (except Locke, Rose & Ben) wants to go home!

    I shuddered at Ben threatening Penny. I love Penny. It follows logically if he loved Alex that he will avenge her. What doesn’t follow logically is that Widmore loves Penny. That guy is one cold fish.
    But with Ben he is too complex for me to weigh my feelings. I pity him, I despise him, I delight in his clever manipulations and resent them as well — I also resent how easily people such as, oh John Locke?, fall for them time after time —

    A season ago I would have loved to see his buggy eyes crushed beneath Sawyer’s boot but even then I think he would find a way to make Sawyer (and the audience) feel small – he would so have a knowing smirk on his dying face letting us know it was his plan to die that way all along. The smug bastard.

    Now I am more conflicted than ever. He certainly is the best actor – the nuances and depth he brings to this role are unrivaled. Except for maybe the myriad forms of grief and suffering on Jack’s face. I know, I know – I’m a die hard Jack lover. Well..he does get a tad whiny even for me…

    But yeah – this was about Sun right? Boy she is kind of forgettable.
    Whatever – I like that she stood up to her father and I hate how easily he seems to have crumpled. Not too sound racist – but is the Asian male ego that fragile? Ok – maybe it’s any male ego. One defiant move by your daughter and the self pity floods in? And he was half sitting before she even got to the bit about the company takeover she orchestrated.

    Anyways. I would like to think that Sun is referring to Ben but that she is duping Widmore and is working with Ben to crush his enemy. But if it is so easy for Sun to approach Widmore – why hasn’t Sayid just shot the bastard? Is that tied into that referece made in Widmore’s bedroom – somehow neither he nor Ben can be killed? Until, like Michael, the Island/Jacob are done with them?

    See – the people surrounding Sun are always more interesting to discuss. I guess she’s just been a placid gardener for too many seasons to have much staying power yet.

    But this has given me an idea…

  2. 2 tina
    March 17, 2009 at 12:47 am

    Hmm, interesting. But i actually think that Sun has a great character in the show. Also, it is a normal reaction (the hysterical crying when the ship exploded) of a wife you know. I think she did pretty good in acting that part.

    Also, in my opinion, i think when Sun said we both have common interest, she meant they both are looking for the island.

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