Season 4 finale: Hurley’s first flashforward (in the premiere)

This doesn’t actually sound like it has anything to do with the season 4 finale, but it’s more of a retrospective thing.  In the premiere we saw a flashforward with Hurley.  In this flashforward Jack comes to visit him in the mental institute.  During this visit, HUrley says that he regrets going with Locke.  At the time this confused me because it was pretty obvious that Jack was wrong and Locke was right.  As the season went on we saw that most of the people who went with Locke died, this could be the reason why Hurley felt bad about going with him, but it seems unlikely.  At the end of the season I still don’t see what the problem was.  It seemed like such an important line, why did it turn out to mean nothing?

Does anyone know what he could have meant?  Maybe he was just crazy.

Also, when Sayid comes to bring Hurley “somewhere safer” Hurley seems to think that Sayid means the island, and he doesn’t seem to want to go back.  I would think that Hurley would be one of those who would love to go back to the island.  No?  Hmmm.

– Izi

(this post really had no purpose, oh well , I need some kind of filler on this blog)


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