Foreign Theory: Time Loop Theory

I am by no means the only Lost theorist/blogger on the internet.  So every Sunday I want to share other peoples theories.  If you have a theory of your own or one that you want me to feature, email me at izikavazo@hotmail.com

I just finished reading this Lost theory online.  It’s mighty confusing and at the same time intriguing.  The author calls it the Time-Loop Theory.  It makes sense, to a degree.  And if season 5 starts the way that he expects it to then I’ll bet he’s right.  Until then, if you’re interested, read his theory.

It mainly involves Dharma time-traveling and then Ben & Richard time-traveling.  He tries to explain how the different timelines fit among each other.  It really starts to click after the halfway point.  I actually like his explanation of why certain people can’t and don’t die and also why people like Locke and Rose are healed.

There are obvious gaps and many things that don’t quite add up, but don’t let that discourage you.  That is the nature of the show, just take the good info with the bad.  I’m not totally down with time travel, it seems a little too hard to accomplish on a TV show.  But if any show can do it right it’ll be Lost.

I don’t want anyone to think this is my theory, it belongs completely to the author Jason Hunter.  It gives me a few ideas, but I don’t think that I’ll be following his theory or adapting it in the future.  Time travel starts to mess with the logistics in my mind and I lose track of reality, so I’ll stick with good ol’ fashion character predictions.  I just wanted to share the genius of other Lost theorists.

– Izi


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