Is Libby actually Annie? (updated)

There is a video floating around the interweb of Cynthia Watros, the Woman who played Libby, talking about her career.  She is talking about her famous scene in the mental institute (or whatever it is) and she says that her character Annie, then she quickly corrects herself and says Libby.  The portion is at about the 2:20 mark.  I originally found this story on the blog Approaching Lost, so I tip my hat in their general direction.  Go here to see the video.  I could just embed the video here but you should all visit their site, and I really shouldn’t steal their scoop.

So this is very very surprising. I actually find this incredibly hard to believe, but it’s possible that it is a revelation.  I’m going to have to think about this while I write so I apologize in advance if what I say contradicts itself.

Now I want to put my two cents in on this idea.  The reason why I find this incredibly hard to believe is that Ben must have stepped over her body while he was leaving the swan station, and also if he was aware that she was one of the survivors then I’m sure he would have brought her to live with The Others.  So perhaps Libby is smarter than Ben, maybe she is a few steps ahead of him, and she knew she was coming back to the island.  I don’t really believe that but I had to throw it out there as a possibility.  Another possibility is that she doesn’t remember him, we know she was in a mental health facility, so perhaps she has no memory of her early life.  That would be tragically ironic, but most things are pretty tragic when it comes to Libby.

So if it is true, and Libby really is Annie then suddenly Libby is even more significant than before, and I wish even more that she was still alive.  Sigh…

– Izi

UPDATE: Due to the fact that I posted this as I was falling asleep I didn’t have any good theories to throw out there.  But my good friend Miss Scarlett quickly saved me (see the comments).  What she was saying is that maybe Libby isn’t Annie, maybe who we thought was Libby in the Mental Health Hospital was really Annie, two different characters, same actor.  And when you think about it, it is completely possible.  That could have been what we were all supposed to think, but we were so locked on to Libby as a character that we all just assumed that was her in the hospital.  So lets say Libby did have a twin, let’s say Libby’s twin was Annie from Ben’s past.  That means she somehow went crazy and could still be in that same hospital.  Hurley went back to that hospital in Season 4, he soon after saw Charlie.  He figures he’s seeing dead people because he’s crazy.  He even says he has received regular visits from dead people.  So perhaps one of the dead people who have talked to him is who he thinks is Libby, but is actually Annie.  Too bad Sayid made him leave the hospital.

It’s really quite amazing what we can come up with from a simple mistake in an interview.  Maybe it really was just a mistake, or maybe Cynthia Watros is screwing with us, or maybe Darlton is (are?) screwing with us.  Who knows.  But it really is exciting to have hope of seeing Cynthia Watros again, even if she turns out to be Annie and not Libby.


5 Responses to “Is Libby actually Annie? (updated)”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    June 17, 2008 at 12:27 am

    What in the Hoo La Lay?@!
    That is nutso.

    Well…could it be that she is Annie and Libby? Two different people 1 actress? You know the red curly hair and all…sisters? Time travel/Casimir doubles?

    Ben had a dossier on everyone on that plane why wouldn’t he have one of Libby? And if she is Annie why wouldn’t she be like the ONLY person on his list? Even if just for revenge (because she would have left him)

    I don’t know.
    What is the name of her character on her new NBC anthology? What the hell does that even mean? Anthology. Oooh fancy NBC.
    It seems a weird slip up unless she is Annie on some other project – she looked awfully casual for a camera interview. Wow that peppy girl is annoying. Not that either of those 2 things have to do with anything important but I am up waaay too late.

    Now if she has really revealed something major by accident lets just watch the Darlton spin-mobile go into effect! Keep me updated – I don’t have time for this!

  2. June 17, 2008 at 11:47 am

    You are a genius! When I’m posting late at night I don’t make any sense, and look at you. Your ideas are golden.
    I’m adding your idea to the post.
    – Izi

  3. June 17, 2008 at 12:05 pm

    The only problem with all of this is that even if Libby was Annie, Cynthia Watros probably wouldn’t know about it. In every interview with any of the cast members, they always talk about how the writers don’t tell them anything about what’s going to happen, or any of their characters’ secrets or backstories.

  4. 4 missscarlett
    June 17, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    Ok – hang on. Someone on a board just posted that her character on Guiding Light was called Annie!
    So….saved maybe from a spoiler.

  5. June 18, 2008 at 8:06 am

    OK so here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to pretend that this whole Annie idea never came up and I’m going to stick with the theory of Libby from the island and Libby from the Santa Rosa being different people. It still offers me some hope for the character (sorta).
    I had the same doubts about the theory, it would be crazy if the writers told Cynthia Watros that she was playing two different characters. Also I looked up on IMDB to see if she had any roles as an Annie and that Guiding Light character was her only other major role.
    So unfortunately the main theory is hot, but I’m still running with the subsequent theory.
    = Izi

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