season 4 finale: the island moving (part 1)

Remember the feeling you had at the end of episode 411 Cabin fever (Locke’s episode)?  Locke said the line: “He wants us to move the island”.  Yeah you remember.  Pretty angry, perhaps excited, maybe a little annoyed, and mostly confused.  The correct word is consternation.  At the time this looked to be one of those things that would make us angry and confused for a long time.

But whadya know, it only took two episodes and it actually happened.  What happened exactly? We don’t know.  Let’s speculate.

I’ve heard a few ideas about what people think happened.  I’ve had to split up this post because it got pretty gargantuan.  I split it up into three parts so I’ll post one a day.

Time traveling island theory

Some people feel that the island jumped forward in time, instead of space.  This is supported by the fact that the experiments in The Orchid were experiments in time not space.  I believe this is a completely possible theory, and if you want to follow this line of logic, go for it in the comments or link me to your blog.  I agree that it is possible, this whole season has been dabbling in time travel.  Desmond literally went back in time.  We kept getting flashforwards.  Flashbacks were mixed with flashforwards, adding to the confusion.  Daniel came along, he found that time does strange things coming to and from the island (this prompted me to come up with my first Narnia theory, this was augmented by the arrival of Charlotte Staples Lewis or C.S. Lewis.  The first Narnian theory was that on the island time travels slower than in the real world, so a day on the island might be four days in the real world, much like Narnia in comparison with our world, this theory had a lot of supporting evidence but was proved wrong).  So with all this odd time travel stuff there is a high chance that the island traveled in time not space, or maybe in time and space.  I could see a kind of setup to the island moving forward in time.  We know that Ben was thrown 8 or 9 months into the future by turning that Donkey wheel.  It was established that Daniel needed Desmond as a constant, implying that he will, or maybe has, had some sort of time traveling damage done to his brain.  Since Daniel is a ways away from the island when it leaves, he might be a little messed up next time we see him, he might need to find Desmond again.

So it is very possible that the island could move forward in time and not to a different location.  Next time I’ll go into the part that I like more, The island traveling in space

– Izi


2 Responses to “season 4 finale: the island moving (part 1)”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    June 16, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    What if it moved in both time and space?
    If it only moves in time Jack and Widmore would only need to wait for it to reappear just where they expect it to in order to return.
    Too simple – and obviously not working for Widmore.

    I agree that this Island jump will leave Daniel relying on his constant.

    I wasn’t experiencing consternation at the end of that episode. For some reason it seemed like a plausible solution to me. If anything that lame Donkey Wheel filled me with mild consternation — if there is such a thing. I don’t expect there is ever going to be explanation enough for THAT.

    I was a little confused by happy Ben was when he realized he had jumped into the future that far. If I were Ben (which I’m not -duh) I would be worried about what I’d missed during those months – though he seemed to catch up with no problem whatsoever. I wonder if he was fine with it because he knows how to travel back in time too?
    So many questions.

  2. 2 hi dee
    June 16, 2008 at 1:33 pm

    When Locke came out and announced they have to move the island….I was filled with glee! All I thought was…’but of course’…..I would expect nothing less from this show.

    Meanwhile……how I laughed when I found out that moving the island involved a rather uninspiring piece of ancient machinary! All I could think of is……”that’s hilarious!!!” and the episode of the Simpsons when Homer was turning that big wheel underground, being whipped and all it was turning was the pie display in the cafeteria.

    I remember a podcast in which team Darlton said they promise not to tackle time travel in the traditional “Back to the Future” style. For that reason alone, I cannot even come up with any possiblities. These guys surprise me every time. I never get frustrated watching because I just love being along for the ride!!!

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