season 4 finale: the island moving (part 3)

Dharma Island Movement

Another important clue about moving the island is the polar bear with the Dharma collar that Charlotte found in the desert, that same desert in which Ben also appeared in.  Some people have been saying that Dharma was using the polar bears to move the donkey wheel.  This seems logical (logical in a Lost way, so still pretty illogical), if you have a very cold cave and you want to do some manual labor down there, why not chain a species who is used to cold to the object you want moved.  Two birds, one stone.  I doubt this is why there are polar bears on the island, the possibility that Dharma imported polar bears to turn a wheel is highly unlikely.  Actually a lot of this is unlikely but the evidence is pretty convincing.

Another confusing pert of the puzzle is the fact that the passage down into the donkey wheel cave was tiled over, by Dharma people.  So it’s been a while since anyone went down there, even the Dharma folks.  If Dharma was using polar bears to move the wheel it was a very long time ago, and it implies that they gave up on those experiments, but not until after they moved the island, with that polar bear in the desert.  How would they know it was dangerous to move turn the wheel, they would have had to use a human to do it once.  So let’s say Dharma moved the island twice.  I’ll bet the human who moved the island first was Charles Whidmore.  He’s the person who was trying to find it but unable to do so for apparently a long time, implying that, like Ben said, the person who moves the island can’t come back (or as I interpret that, can’t find the island because it is hiding from him or her).  So where was the island before it was moved?  We have very little info to track it with, I still want to believe it was in Oregon at some point, (maybe that was when Whidmore moved it).

What I don’t understand is how Ben knew how to move the island, he must have been around when someone else did it.  So was he there when Dharma did it.  I tried to figure out who else would be there: Definitely not Juliet, definitely Richard, unless he had a good reason to be off the island, maybe Patchy/Mikhail, maybe Rousseau but only if she had just got onto the island, and definitely Jacob (obviously), maybe Charlotte (I don’t really know what I mean here but I felt I had to say it).

I think I’m a little over my head at this point.  I don’t know what else to say in this post.  At some point in the future I intend to post something about the Orchid orientation video.

Next time I’ll ask the question: Why did the Island have to move?

– Izi


1 Response to “season 4 finale: the island moving (part 3)”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    June 18, 2008 at 9:34 am

    Ok – 1st let me say that somehow yesterday I missed that whole sentence about moving the island before it was even a glimmer in Locke’s eye! Hilarious!

    Polar Bears moving the Donkey Wheel eh? It does make some sense. But really, wouldn’t they call it a Polar Wheel in that case? Or maybe the Donkey part referred to Ben being an ass?

    Sorry my feeling blasphemous today. Excess pollen in my eyes – I can’t take much more of it.

    Oregon would be a good spot because then I could imagine I had access to that Island myself. 😉 Once upon a time.

    I do think the Island has moved before as well since you have a ship way inland and polar bear skeleton with Dharma collar in Tunisia — which is that always where people pop out at? So much so that Ben has a standing reservation there?

    Bring more of your dizzying theory forward good sir.

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