season 4 finale: new narnian theory

I want to use this post to take the mood down a notch, I’m just about done (over)analyzing the season 4 finale, but the lat few posts are pretty intense (and extra long) so I’m going to talk about something significantly less important today.

Before I tell everyone my new Narnia Theory I want to tell you about my old one, because it was so much better.  I still wish it was true, not just to be right (for once) but because it was such a great idea.  I should also say that while my old theory was a full blown theory, this new one is more of a reference and it’s not likely to be proven correct.

Once Charlotte got to the island I immediately started thinking about Narnian theories and references.  The Chronicles of Narnia is one of my favorite series of book, and although it gets dull near the end, I still love the stories.  (I don’t spend too much time analyzing the Christian references because that bores me, and it definitely isn’t the reason why I like the series.  The ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy is also one of my favorites, so that says a lot about my taste in Christian fiction.)

The episode right after we are introduced to Charlotte Staples Lewis, we get to see some of the science that Daniel is working on.  In that episode Daniel does his little rocket timer test.  This test tells him that there is a time difference between the Island and the Freighter.  This test told me what I wanted to hear: That time flows differently on the island than it does in the real world.  This was similar to Narnia, where a year in our world could be thousands of years in theirs.  I assumed that it was the opposite on the Island, with the islands time flowing slower than the real world.

There wasn’t a lot of proof but it was still pretty possible.  As any of my friends know, I really got into this theory.

I took Richard as the ultimate proof, the fact that he doesn’t seem to age while Ben does made me think that since Ben spends so much time off the island it was possible for him to seem older, that may actually make him older.

And I have been waiting for a long time for Walt to come back, I thought this was a perfect way to bring him back.  Since the actor had aged in real time, they could just bring him back this season or next and explain it with the time difference.

Also I figured out in season 3 finale that it occurred around 2007 because of the new Motorola Razr that Jack had.  I assumed that the Oceanic 6 were saved sometime around then and people just assumed they were gone for years.

The only outright clue against my theory was in the episode 316 – “One of Us”.  In that episode Ben shows Juliet her sister, completely cured of cancer and playing with her son in a playground.  Ben even made Richard show the current newspaper.  That threw a wrench in my theory, but I chose to ignore it.

So I was completely sure during the first few episodes.  Buuut.. it quickly fell apart.  As more was revealed about the Oceanic 6 it was clear that they were rescued quite a while before Jacks initial flashback.  And after I saw a very old Aaron with Kate, the theory was pretty much shot.  Then when Desmond phoned Penny on Christmas Eve the theory was completely out the window (I was of course overjoyed by that glorious episode, so that offset the sadness of losing my theory).

So that was then, but this is now.  And now I have a new idea, completely unrelated to my former theory.  But it really isn’t a theory it’s just a little bit of background and possible history or mythological reference to the island.

So I was reading Prince Caspian before the movie came out (that’s a habit of mine that I suggest you adopt, I always read books the week before they are adapted into movies, that way I can always appreciate the story for what it could be).  In the book (not the movie) they tell the story of the Telmarines, they are the foreign people who have invaded and taken over Narnia.  These Telmarines are from Earth, not Narnia, and they accidentally stumbled into Narnia.  It’s how they stumbled into Narnia that is interesting.  They were a group of pirates who landed on an island. On the island these pirate go exploring, inside the mountain they find a passage to another land, and they go through and come to the Narnia world.

I am submitting that this island is the same as our Lost island, and if not then at least it is a cultural reference that the writers may have been thinking of.  It may be that the negatively charged exotic matter or maybe the electro-magnetic anomaly on the island may be this same thing in the island in Prince Caspian, hmm very interesing.

– Izi


3 Responses to “season 4 finale: new narnian theory”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    June 21, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    Hey – interesting new theory. If our Losties find themselves in Narnia…!

    (that’s a habit of mine that I suggest you adopt, – That is too rich! How do you do it?

  2. 2 Ryan Wilson
    January 15, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    near the end of the prince caspian movie, aslan mentions “the island” that the telmarines were on before they reached narnia. as soon as he said that, i thought LOST!!!!


    glad someone thought the same thing!

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