season 4 finale: Walt’s surprise appearance

I did not see that coming.

When teenage Walt showed up on the finale I was extraordinarily excited.  I have been waiting a long time for Walt to come back to the show.  It was obvious that there was a plan for Walt in the show.  You don’t create that much of a mythology about one character without some kind of plan.

Unfortunately the challenge of having a child actor on this show is that he ages.  We had three seasons take place over about 100 days.  So it was going to be challenging to keep the actor on the show as a regular.  Either they would have to feed Michael David Kelley gallons of coffee to stunt his growth or they’d have come sort of strange fragmented timeline to keep Walt on the show.  They chose the latter.

At one time I remember the producers saying that they had a plan for Walt.  This plan has clearly been in effect for the last three seasons, Walt has barely appeared on the show, so his massive growth spurts aren’t really very noticeable (also they used a lot of really awkward angles to keep him short looking whenever he did appear).  But to have Walt on the show they would have to implement some sort of leap in time, either with a time machine of some sort or with a BSG style time skip (At the end of season 2, Battlestar Galactica skipped forward… I actually don’t know how far ahead they skipped).  By skipping ahead the producers give themselves a huge amount of freedom, it allows them to flashback to major events during the skip and explain current situations.

I think that this skip was the plan to keep Walt on the show.  I also believe that they have a clearly defined plan for Walt.  His powers are unknown to us, but I’m sure that they are real and we will find out what they are soon.  (at this point I want any of you who haven’t already, to watch the Lost: Missing Pieces Webisodes, they are very important and it’s always fun to watch new Lost footage during the hiatuses (or is is hiati))

What I don’t understand is how much Walt knows.  Since he’s been gone for so long we have very little insight into what he’s aware of.  But although he has been gone, he’s still popped up occasionally.  Shannon saw him and so did Locke.  Locke even saw a taller version of him, implying that he’s from the future (when in the future is arguable, I would assume that it would be before the current flashforwards, sometime around 2006-2008).  So when Walt talks to Locke and Shannon is it actually him?  He seems to be aware of what’s happening on the island, so is he all knowing?  I seriously doubt that.  When he was talking to Hurley he appeared to be completely unaware of anything happening on the island.  This did surprise me, I had always thought of Walt as some all-knowing individual, now it appears as though he’s just a regular confused teenager.  Perhaps he only has powers on the island?  I wouldn’t be surprised about that.  That doesn’t explain how he appeared to Locke.  It would be a little disappointing to find out that when Walt appears it’s just a hallucination, but it’s very possible.

On a sad note, it appears that Walt has no idea that his dad is dead.  This may be a bad thing.  In my mind I always compared Walt to Jean Grey, and you really didn’t want to make Jean Grey upset.  In a similar way, they may think they are protecting Walt from being hurt, by not telling him his father is dead.  But they may just be setting themselves up for a serious bird attack or some other kind of Walt-related outburst.

(It just occurs to me that the only true power we know Walt has is his ability to control and summon birds, so perhaps Walt was the one who made the Hurley bird say Hurley.  I know many of you are scratching your heads, there are two times it appeared, here and here)

One thing I want to bring out about Walt is the fact that Juliet knows a lot about him, in the Missing Pieces, it’s shown that she was involved in the testing/brainwashing of him.  So perhaps, this one time, she might have some useful “Others” info.

I believe we have another thing to look forward to in season 5, the return of Walt.  This is the ideal time to bring him back, I doubt he’s going to grow up much more, (unless he turns into Shaq in the coming months) so I believe he’ll be back on the show.

– Izi


2 Responses to “season 4 finale: Walt’s surprise appearance”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    June 24, 2008 at 9:13 am

    “Either they would have to feed Michael David Kelley gallons of coffee to stunt his growth”

    Izi – this post is making me laugh today! 1st the line quoted above and then = preparing themselves for a bird attack!

    I was going to point out that Walt had powers pre/off Island by summoning that 1st bird — to it’s death! poor thing.

    J.Wood asked if anyone saw the Hurley bird in this year’s finale — not sure if that was rhetorical? Did you?

    One more thing about Walt — he grew up some ugly. Sad but true.

    Yeah – who knew Michael was on the freighter at that point? Desmond & Sayid. Maybe they didn’t talk about him except to Jack? Who would have told Kate…who would have whispered it to Aaron…But seriously, don’t they leave Hurley out of the loop sometimes? Though he did look uncomfortable answering Walt about his Dad but that may have been because of his Libby-murder. Man. Of all the people I want to rise from the sand.

  2. July 5, 2008 at 3:24 pm

    Well said

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