season 4 finale: Lockes on-island problems (part 1)

So I originally had a huge long post, but because I doubt anyone reads my really long posts I split it up into three posts.  Today I’ll talk about Sawyer, Locke, Rose & Bernard.  Tomorrow I’ll talk about Juliet, Richard, Charlotte & Miles.  On Friday I’ll talk about what I think the bad things that happen on the island are.

In this post I want to try to figure out what happened on the island after the Oceanic 6 left. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot to go on.

First let’s just try to see the finale from their perspective. There aren’t actually that many people on the island anymore. Of the original Oceanic survivors we have: Sawyer, Locke, Rose, & Bernard (plus the people The Others kidnapped, but they aren’t important). We have some named Others: Juliet & Richard (plus Harper & The Sheriff lady, but they aren’t important either) I also wouldn’t be surprised if Mikhail was still out there. We also have two freighter folk Charlotte & Miles. I don’t count Claire because I think she’s dead, and who really cares what she thinks or what happens to her.

So we really just have 8 definite people: Sawyer, Locke, Rose, Bernard, Juliet, Richard, Charlotte & Miles. I’ll go through each person with what I think they are thinking and what I think will happen to them.


I believe Sawyer would be heart-broken. As far as he knows Kate and everyone else who left the island is dead. All he saw was that the freighter blew up, and when he last saw everybody they were headed to the freighter. Can you imagine what it that would be like. He may have resigned himself to stay on the island. In the past he had said that he had nothing waiting for him back home. Obviously he feels guilty about his daughter, Clementine, but I doubt he’s dying to pop into her life. So he’s left on the island with no one he really knows except for Juliet (I figure he’s had enough of Locke, and he doesn’t seem to like Miles or Charlotte, and I doubt he really wants to spend time with Rose & Bernard). So what’s he going to do? Probably he’ll be spending a lot of time with Juliet.


I’m sure Locke is just thrilled. The island just moved, Ben is gone, and he is now in control of The Others. Him in charge of The Others really reminds me other that flashback he had about that hippie forest group that he used to live with. That was one of the only times we got to see him happy in a flashback (the other time was when he was dating Katey Sagal, and who wouldn’t be happy dating Katey Sagal). So I’m sure he’s thrilled to be with The Others, and I’m sure The Others are thrilled to have Locke as their leader, they really seemed to like him in season 3 when he was hanging around.  So that’s where Locke stands right after the finale, I’ll talk about his troubles later on.  How he dies is another matter, I doubt he kills himself.  I’m betting that Mr Whidmore or Ben have something to do with it.  They probably think that by killing Locke they can get control of the island again.  Which one would do it is anyone guess.

Rose & Bernard

I think that they would feel that it was fate that they didn’t go to the freighter, it saved their lives. They’ll likely be very sad that all those people died, but something tells me they’ll be quite alright.  I think they are constants on the show, they will always be on that beach. organizing the Dharma cereal, or something like that.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about the other people on the island, Juliet, Richard, Charlotte and Miles.

– Izi


2 Responses to “season 4 finale: Lockes on-island problems (part 1)”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    June 25, 2008 at 11:59 am

    Sure those Others like Locke – they haven’t spent a lot of time with him yet!
    They just need a few of those disturbing conversations with him like Kate’s (dictatorship anyone?) and to watch him waffle over the smallest of choices OR to give up in less than 2 minutes at the first possibility that his plan is thwarted.

    You know – he is a complex fellow – on the one hand, he gives up easily – on the other hand he persists in dead end relatiobships: spending months outside his father’s gated home.
    It will be interesting to see who it is that finally dispatches him.

    It will be the 2nd most waited for death in the series – after we were waiting to see how Jin wound up with a gravestone – not that he is necessarily dead.

  2. June 25, 2008 at 8:05 pm

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