season 4 finale: Lockes on-island problems (part 2)

Today I’m talking about the other people who were left on te island.  The ones that weren’t Oceanic 815 survivors.


I think the results of the finale will hit Juliet the hardest. She wants to get off the island more than anyone else, she has been trying to get off for the longest time. It’s hard to even imagine what she’s feeling right now. She may have wished she got on the zodiac sooner, but if she did, she probably would have been killed. Her surprisingly self-sacrificing spirit saved her life, ironic. She probably thinks Jack and all the other people are dead. That would be pretty devastating. It’s pretty obvious that they are referencing Desmond’s return to the island in the end of season 2. When he comes back he is just as devastated, all he wanted was to leave and see Penny, but he couldn’t even get away from the island, so what he does is sit on the beach and drink Dharma rum. I think this might be a turning point in Juliet’s character, knowing that she stays on the island for three more years (I know if they jump in the future it might be less, but still it is a long time) and really bad things happen during that time makes me think that she’s going to have a hard time keeping it together. She’s not really a good leader, but who else on the beach could be a leader? Sawyer is the only other choice and I really don’t think he’s a good choice either. For quite some time it’s been obvious that Ben has been grooming Juliet to be like him, utilitarian in his use of other people. Maybe that “training” will be useful when the only other leader on the island is John Locke, and he leaves to beg the Oceanic 6 to come back. So I hope that she steps up and leads everyone, I think she’s ideal for the position, and frankly no one else can do it.


Richard seemed pretty happy to see Locke when he came to be their leader. He even welcomed him home. It was quite clear that he was chafing under Bens leadership. On a side note: something I disliked about the finale was that Richard appeared shocked and confused as the island was moving, during the flash of light. According to my theories Richard is completely aware of the islands ability to move. I don’t want to read too much into an actors reaction but could this mean that the move didn’t go as planned? Or has just never seen the island move before. I know after that part about Juliet being the leader you may be asking, why doesn’t Richard lead The Others and everyone else, I was asking that. I think that Richard lacks something, I don’t know what, possibly humanity, but something that means that he can’t make big decisions. It sounds really weird but I think the fact that he’s been a live for so long makes him too far above petty human concerns to be a good leader (this actually reminds me of Doc Manhattan from the Watchmen comics, don’t worry it’s being made into a movie soon, then you can get the reference).


So apparently Charlotte is looking for where she was born, and she has also been searching for the island for a long time, what does this mean? I assume that it means that she is a child of the Dharma folk. Perhaps this is how Ben knew so much about her, not because of his research but because of first hand knowledge. It is truly wonderful that they added the three new people to the show, all of them will have such insight into the island, and I’m sure we’ll find out a lot from them. Charlotte I assume will immediately start researching Dharma.


Miles on the other hand has a lot he can do as well. When he was first introduced he was a kind of minor villain. After we saw that all he wanted was money I think we dismissed him as unimportant. But what if he started doing some ghostbusting around a certain Cabin? Imagine a scene where Locke strolls into the cabin with two steaming mugs of hot chocolate ready to have a pleasant conversation with his good friend Jake, only to find Miles banishing Jacob to wherever ghosts go in Lost. That would throw Locke for a loop. My friend, Miss Scarlett, would also love if Miles would walk over Nicki and Paulo’s graves and say WTF, these guys were alive when you buried them.

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about what I think happened on the island after the Oceanic 6 left.  In particular what would have made Locke tell Jack that bad things happened to the island.

– Izi


2 Responses to “season 4 finale: Lockes on-island problems (part 2)”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    June 27, 2008 at 3:43 pm

    I want some Miles mojo in every episode!
    I think that is such an incredible amount of possible directions/revelations to be made via the ‘ghosts’ of the Island.
    Take that dude to the Black Rock!!

    But yeah – I would like to see his face if he walks over N & P.

    Charlotte better get interesting. I hope she was just a shrewish scowler because of the writer’s strike.

    Juliet I can see as a leader – a lying, manipulative one. Ben’s masterpiece.

    Richard of the Guyliner is a puzzle. I don’t know how he tolerates the leaders of the Others. He seems eminently more capable. We’ll have to wait and find out who he is I guess.

  2. 2 Rosie
    November 5, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    “She’s not really a good leader, but who else on the beach could be a leader? Sawyer is the only other choice and I really don’t think he’s a good choice either.

    I disagree. Juliet proved that she is a much better leader than Jack or Locke in “Something Nice Back Home”. And Sawyer proved to be a good leader during the trek back to the beach following the Freighters’ attack on Otherville.

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