Reaction to Locke’s death

Remember in the past when people died on Lost there was always a lot of anger and a big deal made about it.  What’s happening these days?  I haven’t heard a single person say that they were angry that Locke is dead.  Do we all have enough faith that he’s going to come back alive in season 5?

I bleive that we all think Locke will come back, and this will all seem like a little obstacle in his life course.  But what if we’re wrong.  There’s a high chance that he’ll only be around for a few episodes next season.  And in my mind it seems unlikely that they’ll keep Locke undead for 2 whole seasons, so he may not be in season 6 at all.  Or what if my theories, and everyone elses, about Locke being reanimated ala Christian Shepard are wrong?  maybe he’s just plain dead.  Remember after Michael shot Ana Lucia and Libby, she was still alive in the next episode then she subsequently died, dashing our hopes like an overripe watermelon, maybe this is the same as that.  Perhaps all our hope is misplaced.

Or perhaps we’re all just sick of Locke and his mysterious ways, perhaps his death was subconsciously what we all wanted.  Have we all really stopped caring about Locke?  I certainly was relieved it was Locke in the coffin.  But I know Locke is some peoples favorite character.  For example the poor people/person who write the blog Long Live Locke were faced with a little dilemma, now that Locke is dead should they change the name of the blog.  They opted not to, but now it seems like they’re really stubborn Locke fans.  (By the way I recommend you go see that blog, if you think I write long posts wait until you see their season finale review, at least I broke it up a little.)  For a very vocal community we seem quite quiet about the death of the character that could arguably be the main character of the show (when I say arguably that means I don’t believe it at all).

So what do you think.  Are you angry about Locke’s death?  Are you ready to never watch the show again?  (if so who knows why you’re reading a Lost blog in late June)  Or are you suitably hopeful, maybe even certain that Locke will push open that coffin lid and walk again on the island?  (These questions might sound rhetorical, but they’re not.  Tell me what you think.)

– Izi


2 Responses to “Reaction to Locke’s death”

  1. 1 Clayton
    June 28, 2008 at 10:07 am

    I think thats what makes the show so good, that no one is off limits. I know that they’re not going to just kill the main characters off without good reason, but death adds a lot to the show, especially in Lost, where death doesn’t mean the end. This may even make Locke stronger than anyone imagined, a la Obi-Wan in Star Wars. In my opinion, its the story that keeps people coming back, so I’m glad to see that they’re not making the stars bigger than the story and keeping them around just because they are good actors.

  2. 2 missscarlett
    June 28, 2008 at 12:45 pm

    ‘(if so who knows why you’re reading a Lost blog in late June)’

    I totally think he is coming back.
    I hadn’t even considered we might be wrong! Apparently my opinion means more to me than past history (Shannon, for example)
    But I agree with you that Locke’s character and relationship with the Island are too important to the storyline for this to really be the end of Locke. Not that he’ll necessarily regain life, in one form or another, back on-Island = but that we have plenty more to see of his character and how he winds up in that coffin.

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