season 4 finale: Jack and co. getting back to the island (part 2)

Continuing on with those who got off the island.  Today I’m talking about much more exciting individuals.


I think Locke will be pretty easy to get to the island, and I’ve already said about what I think will happen to him in this post . But I’ll repeat it here. I think Locke will be reanimated in a similar fashion as Christian Shepard in the first season (it kinda makes me think of Darltons oft-referenced zombie season, maybe it wasn’t so far off).


Sayid will apparently do anything for Ben, so I doubt we have to worry about much resistance from him.


Hurley is a surprising one. When Sayid came to take him to a “safe place”, Hurley immediately asked “We’re not going back, are we?” in a frightened voice. If Hurley really is crazy, and I think that it’s just the island playing tricks on him, or his own mind fooling him (I guess that really does make him crazy), then I guess they might have some difficulty convincing him to go back . They might need some sort of motivation, although I can’t think of what… (Libby’s doppelganger).


Sun will be trouble, I figure that’s where Ben needs the most help from Jack. I mentioned this a long time ago in my post about Sun and Whidmore’s conversation, I think Sun blames Ben for Jin’s death, (for good reason, although I personally doubt Jin is dead). So I think she will be the most trouble, unless they can find Jin and calm Sun down a little. Perhaps news will come from the island, that Jin is there and she needs to go back there to find him. If Jin is off the island then I really have no idea what could motivate them to go back, I can see nothing on the island that would make them want to return, unless somebody is trying to kill them or something.


Kate, I think, will be easier to convince. Again, I’ve already talked about Kate in this post, in it I said how she’s happy and won’t want to go back. But perhaps she’s being convinced, not by Jack, but by the island. That phone call she received in the finale apparently said “The island needs you, you have to go back, before it’s too late.” You can hear it here. And in the next scene, after Claire tells Kate not to bring Aaron back, Kate goes into the room and sadly looks at Aaron, as if she knows, and has resigned herself, to the fact that she has to go back.

Miscellaneous People

As for the other people: I doubt Desmond and Lapidus will go back to the island, unless they really want to, or Ben decides the Oceanic crew needs them (I really hope that Desmond & Penny will go to the Island, simply to be safe from Whidmore and Ben, but he said he never wanted to go back, that seemed pretty significant. I wrote more about it here). And if I was correct in one of my theories about Daniel and Jin, and they are off the island, then I’m sure they’ll show up at some shocking moment and they too will go back to the island.

Tomorrow I’ll write about how I think how all (or some) of these people will get back to the island.

– Izi


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  1. 1 ste
    October 11, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    wot bout the runway the others wers building cudndt frank go bac to mybe fly whoever wants to leave away at the v end?

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