season 4 finale: Jack and co. getting back to the island (part 3)

Where & How

On to the where. Getting to and from the island is obviously hard work. The island could be anywhere or any..when(?) in the world. So first you have to locate it, which is notoriously hard, it took Charles who knows how long to find it. And the only reason Penny found it was because of the Swan implosion/explosion, and by tracking Desmond’s phone call.

There are some that we know did get on and off the island. We know Ben has been off the island, hence all the passports and the notoriety at the Tunisian hotel. We know Mr. Friendly (Tom) has been on and off the island. And Richard, Ethan went to pick up Juliet. Also Charlotte has apparently been looking for where she was born so she can be added to the list. Daniel too seems to have some insight as to whats happening with the island.

So here goes. I am having a very hard time coming up with a theory about this, and I’m sure I’ll have another go at this before season 5 starts. I propose that Ben needs the help of one of two other people to find the island. He might even need the help of both of them (and it just happens that these are two of my favorite characters).

He’ll need someone from the island, to invite him back. Since he turned the Frozen Donkey Wheel he won’t be able to find the island again, he’s essentially banished. I believe the person to invite him back is Richard. Richard, as you may recall, has been on and off the island in the past, he visited Locke as a child (I am assuming he lived on the island at that time). Richard also went to pick up Juliet. When he went to get Juliet, they said they went in the submarine, the same submarine that Locke supposedly blew-up (I don’t believe that he did, but I also don’t think that’s how they get on and off the island). We don’t know exactly how the trip went because Juliet was asleep during the journey, Ethan just said in a suspicious way that the last leg is always a little bumpy, maybe he’s talking about the fact that people usually go crazy when the come to the island, I’m supposing otherwise. The fact that we don’t know exactly how they get back leads me to believe something special happened. And I don’t think special things could happen on the submarine. So what I think is that they didn’t get to the island on the submarine, they only used that as a prop so as to not scare Juliet, and they used other, more exciting means to get there, why else would you sedate the person you were transferring. So let’s say there are paranormal means to get on and off the island, why not use such means with the man who has likely used them the most, Richard.

But what if the answer is more science than fiction. In that circumstance Jack and Ben will need someone smart. Someone who understands the phenomenon of the island. Maybe someone who seems to know a lot about Dharma and their experiments. A person who’s good at lateral thinking. Who could that be? You’re right! Good ol’ Daniel. I think that Daniel coming back in season 5 will be just what Jack and Co. needs to get back. If there is something that Ben can’t figure out, Daniel would be the ideal candidate to make sense of it. And if the island did move in both time and space it will be very hard to find, and likely it would take some serious calculations, calculations that someone like Daniel could do in a heartbeat. (Note: if Daniel did come back to find the island this would be a perfect chance for him and the writers to explain the Icosahedron Theory.)

The problem with these ideas is that the main characters in them are no where to be found. Richard was definitely on the island when it left, and I doubt he’s going to come running to Ben when he has Locke on the island. And poor Daniel is who knows where. Since it seems to me that the island has jumped in both time and space and Daniel was halfway out to sea when it happened, poor Daniel could be anywhere. I’ve talked about all of this in this post. It’ll be quite an undertaking to find the island but I’ll bet Daniel and/or Richard will be involved in the return.

Come back on Friday when I kick off my season 1 reviews.  After that I’ll have three reviews a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

– Izi


1 Response to “season 4 finale: Jack and co. getting back to the island (part 3)”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    July 2, 2008 at 7:10 am

    But maybe Locke’s death sends Richard looking for Ben?

    Me no know.
    You no know either.

    This post could have been called WTH?

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