101 – Pilot (part 1)


We all know that the Pilot episode of Lost was spectacular.  I agree, but at the same time I am so sick of it.  I have watched it way too many times.  Every time I get one of my friends interested in the show I watch the two Pilot episodes of Lost with them.  I do this because they are such wonderful episodes it almost always hooks them.  Unfortunately this has meant that I’ve watched these two episodes so much that I’ve started to memorize the lines.  That being said it is still pretty good.

I wouldn’t actually give the first part of the pilot a good rating anymore.  Originally I would have given it 10/10, but now looking back the second part and so many other recent episodes are way better.  I’ll give it 8.5/10.

(BTW if you have a problem with my rating, don’t try to change my mind, just write what you would put in the comments.  And if you have such strong opinions and desperate for me to agree with you, start your own blog.)


18.65 million viewers.

Aired Sept 22, 2004.

If any new show (or any show) got these kind of ratings these days it would be a miracle.  When Lost first came on it was amazing.  Before 2004 ABC had nothing good, then all of the sudden they got Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Lost, Boston Legal, and early in 2005 they got Grey’s Anatomy.  The network went from having nothing to having what every other network wanted.


-How did Jack get into the middle of the Jungle?

-Who’s white tennis shoe is that, hanging in the tree?

-How did so many people survive?

-Why did the plane crash?

-What is the monster?

-Why did the tail and nose of the plane break apart?

-Why did the Smokey kill the pilot?

-Why was Smokey so angry?

Character Impressions:


-“Took a couple flying lessons, wasn’t for me”, I wonder if that was just a discarded flashback, or if it will ever come back again.

-Jacks left hand in the first scene always drives me crazy, he’s trying to do a Jedi mind trick or something, looks pretty outrageous.  Also he’s writhing around like that while the pilot is getting killed, it’s really quite humorous.

-I hate Jack and Kate’s first conversation, especially the part about ripping the dural sack and nerves spilling out of her like angel-hair pasta, spinal fluid flowing out of her.  It’s not that it’s gross it’s just the way he says it is annoying.


-Kate is around a lot in this episode but it is mostly just face time, they just had her there so that they could put her in commercials


-Charlie is always nearly dying

-And was he cast simply as comic relief and to be a recognizable star?  Or did they actually want him there?

-I think Charlies purpose was to be us, he represents the audience, he’s not totally involved in the storyline for quite a while, and he never really takes things too seriously.


-I always seem to like Boone more when I rewatch it, the first time he just seems like a fool, now it’s almost like he’s the only honest one on the island.




-Claire was always so happy, she never even complained, and she had a lot to complain about.


-Completely forgettable in the pilot, and he was the only other actor that I recognized.


-Not important at all


-My Korean friend says that Jin speaks awful Korean.


-Looked sad


-Locke’s orange peel smile scene still gives me chills.


-Sawyer really ends up humanizing the show, in the beginning he is strangely aggressive and angry, now he’s lovable and hilarious


-Hurley was in charge of the food from the beginning, what were they thinking?


-Jack may be the hero, but Sayid was the one who did everything important


-Rose is crying in her first scene and kissing her wedding ring, so did she always believe that her husband was alive or was it an afterthought?  Or perhaps the island informed her.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

I remember thinking, when the monster is destroying the forest, Is this a remake of Land of the Lost?  I think I even told a few people that that is what the show was.  Clearly I was just making it up. I think that if it was a remake, the show would have bombed.

Have you ever noticed the guy hanging upside down in the fuselage?  There’s something that I didn’t notice before, he even looks like he’s still alive.

Isn’t it strange that only the pilot survived from the nose of the plane.

I still wish the stewardess was more important.

I really enjoy watching the scene when Jack, Kate & Charlie are climbing “up” the nose of the plane, and it is clearly level, they are just acting.  I really recommend you rewatch that scene just for the enjoyment of seeing some seriously funny overacting.

Another scene that I hated then and I still hate now was that extremely contrived and badly shot scene with all the cast looking into the jungle.  It drives me crazy.  They keep on moving actors around to get good group shots and the camera is uncomfortably low.  Ugh it’s just awful.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

Now that we know all the other stuff that was happening on the island at the same time, these people seem to have it so easy, besides the plane blowing up multiple times these survivors have pretty happy life.  Think about what Desmond was doing at this point.  Or how about The Tailies, they almost all died and they were getting nightly attacks from The Others.  I guess Juliet isn’t really a good example, because she was just sitting in her house and having a power struggle with Ben, but her life got pretty complicated fast.
Now that we know what the monster looks like and how it acts, it seems very aggressive in this episode.  It’s just all over the forest ripping trees out and roaring (or whatever that noise is called).

As for why Smokey killed the Pilot, I have no idea.  It’s easy to think of Smokey as an aggressive killing machine but I really don’t think he is.  I think if he wasn’t controlled he would be but there must be some governing power or at least some rules that limit what it does.

The white shoe at the beginning of this episode was pretty scary but I think we all just dismissed it.  We now see Christian Shepard wearing those shoes all the time.  So is it his shoe?  Does it matter?  I doubt its matters too much.  The point of the shoe was more to scare us and maybe to make a connection to Christian but I doubt it’s terribly significant.

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to go too far into the mythology at this point but there really wasn’t all that much mystery built into this episode.  In my opinion, the next episode, Pilot (part 2), is much better.  Come back on Monday and I’ll tell you all about it.

– Izi


8 Responses to “101 – Pilot (part 1)”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    July 5, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    That is totally Christian’s shoe (why did you ask the question when you knew the answer??). Perhaps it was a tip off as to Vincent’s role in this whole dealy — you know, the Mobisode where he was just sent there by Christian.

    I thought those tremors were affective (or is it effective? d*mn I hate the myriad rules in English) I so did not see that when the pilot was being killed though – maybe that’s what happens to Foxy when he’s scared?

    That Stewardess is Cindy – she is important, sort of. She’s taking care of the Tailie children – member she showed up to ‘watch’ Juliet’s branding? She’s also oddly pleased to see Locke when he needs to kill his father. Ugh.
    Maybe we’ll see more of her next season? Maybe not.
    She’s also the girlfriend of that fictional author Sawyer was reading — that dreadful book. I didn’t make it past pg 10 so…I don’t know how much it ties into anything. Felt like a bit of a $$ grab.

    You like Boone really? Each time I rewatch the series I like him less and less – and Shannon more! (ok that’s not true) But if I were his stepsister I would walk all over him too – he asks for it. Too easily lead around – which is why Locke can almost convince him of things.

    Good question about the pilot – maybe Smokey knew he was flirting with Claire in the deleted scene and he’s married! Not a nice thing for a married guy to be doing — pretty suspicious behaviour for someone who is out of town a lot…More likely it was to prevent him from calling for help? On his doomahicky thingamabob – just a thought. Maybe Smokey was supposed to be destroying the black box etc. in the control section of the plane – oh, more commonly referred to as a cockpit I guess.
    Though I don’t think that is where the black box is kept is it?


    The thing is he died so Jack could stay. Good call writers. Good call.
    Too bad that left JJ’s friend out of work. Ah well. I didn’t watch Alias (shocking but true – she’s just too squinty for me) so I don’t know if it was a loss or not.

    You beat me to it man. You beat me to it.

  2. July 7, 2008 at 12:34 pm

    I originally wanted to ask every question a person would ask while watching the show, but that got really really annoying and served no purpose. So now I’m going to ask only the questions that apply to the overall mythology.
    About Cindy, just today I read this ( http://mswendy.wordpress.com/2008/07/06/lost-parody-cindy/ ) it’s a very very strange song about Cindy. In it implies that Cindy was put in Room 23 so she’s pretty much brain-dead now. Somehow this never occurred to me. It’s something to think about, at least until we get to that episode.
    BTW if a scene is deleted, unless it’s part of the missing pieces or an equivalent branding, it never happened.
    Oh and the pilot wasn’t out of work for too long, Alias was still airing while Lost was on, and he got on Heroes pretty soon after.

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