102 – Pilot (part 2)


I like this episode far more than the first episode.  Mostly because it involves better characters.  It isn’t the Jack show anymore.  Sawyer, and Locke have lines, these two are the people that would really intrigue me if I had just started watching.  This episode also has a fair amount of humor, from the only funny people on the island, Sawyer, Hurley and Charlie.

There was a massive amount of info in this episode.  Shannon and Boone are Brother and Sister, Kate was the prisoner/fugitive, Sayid was a soldier in the Republican Guard, Charlie is a druggie, Locke is a frightening guy.  But I really don’t care about those kind of things this time around.  The important things that happen in this episode are the Polar Bear and Rouseau’s distress call.  Mostly it’s the distress call, that sets up a lot of storyline and really scares the survivors.

Since this episode was more of an ensemble episode than the first episode, and because it set up some big mysteries, I like it much more that the first episode.  I’ll give it a 9.5/10.


16.33 million viewers.

Aired on Sept 29, 2004.

It’s not surprising at all that 2 million people didn’t watch the show the next week.  There are many people who watch only premieres and finales of shows, and there are always those simpletons who’ll watch anything that’s new and well advertised and never watch another episode.


-Are the Survivors any safer on the beach from Smokey?

-What did Sawyer’s letter say?

-How are there polar bears on the island?

-What made Claire’s baby kick?

-Who is the french woman?

-Why has the distress call been playing for 16 years?

-What killed all of the French woman’s crew?

-Where are they?

Character Impressions:


-This episode has the Jack that we all know, the one who simply sits back and is boring while other people are doing the interesting stuff.


-Were they trying to hook up Kate and Charlie, sometimes it seemed like it .

-Kate in a bra was a pretty early sight for this show, I guess if you’re going to start a career of a hot actress you might as well do it right

-Kate about Smokey, “What makes you think we’re any safer here (on the beach) than we are in the jungle?”  Are they any safer on the beach?  This is an interesting idea, maybe Smokey can’t come onto the beach.

– I didn’t think Kate was the criminal.  I know many people did figure it out, but I didn’t.


-Again Charlie is almost killed, this time by the drink cart in the plane.  I wonder if maybe before Desmond has his flashes Charlies life was already in danger.  Maybe he was just saving himself.  I’m going to watch for near death experiences with Charlie

-Shannon: “wait a minute, Polar bears don’t usually live this far south.” Charlie: “Spot on”

-Kate: “Does anyone know how to use a gun?” Charlie: “I think you just pull the trigger.”


-Boone is the only person who thinks that maybe Rousseau’s transmission is from other survivors from the plane.  Interesting.


-It was quite satisfying watching Shannon cry.

-Shannon: “it is so easy to make fun of me”, isn’t it just


-I think the saddest part of this episode was when Claire said she hadn’t felt the baby move since yesterday.

-Claire’s baby starts kicking after she eats Jin’s urchins, is the food on the island magical?


-“I’ll tell you what, when we get home I’ll get you another dog”, that’s not just a sign of a bad father, he’s just an insensitive individual.


-I don’t think that the comic book with the polar bear means anything, I think it’s just good ol’ fashion foreshadowing, see below for more.

-Why was he not more depressed?  His mom just died, and he just crash landed on an island with his awful father.


-Jin shows what a crazy husband he is by telling Sun to do up her top button.


-I remember laughing pretty hard when Sun undoes her top button.


-Locke has his most defining creepy moment: “Two players, two sides, one is light, one is dark.  Walt, do you want to know a secret?”


-Sawyer and Sayid have a pretty epic fight.

-Sawyers first nickname is Lardo to Hurley, pretty rough.

-Why does Sawyer decide to go on the hike?  He’s reading his letter on the beach, then he sees them leaving and he just decides to go.  He must have had some kind of plan.

-They start to try to hook up Kate and Sawyer in this episode.

-Sawyer says he knows Kate’s type, I wonder if he actually does, he’s pretty clever.


-I love Hurley’s conversation with Jin about the sea urchins

-“Hey dude, you awake?  Yo, there’s a rescue plane, we’re saved. Yaaay…  Yeah he’s out.”


-I’m glad they addressed the Iraqi on the plane early, it would have been annoying if they didn’t even talk about it, or if it was done later in the show.

-I also really like the conversation with Hurley and Sayid about the Gulf War, that was fun,in an awkward way.

-Sayid has really nasty, long fingernails.

-I like Sayid’s reaction to Shannon announcing that she’s going on the hike, he may have in fact liked her from the beginning.  Even if they are an awful couple.


-Rose is depressed, how sad.  It’s strange how much I liked Rose this early on.  She had never done much to be endearing, I think it was just that she was the only old person there.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

Flashbacks were actually flashbacks at this point, people kept on looking of into the distance and then they’d have a flashback, it’s like the person actually was remembering past events.  It hasn’t been like that at all for a long time.

I remember thinking how dumb it was that they were making such a huge deal over the handcuffs, it still seems weird.

Any time something got accomplished it was because Kate and Sayid were involved.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

Claire says that she hadn’t felt the baby move after they crashed.  So maybe the baby died or was hurt and was healed by the island.  As I mentioned earlier, when She ate the urchin the baby immediately kicked again, implying that perhaps it healed the baby.  Perhaps it’s the food from the island that heals people.  This wouldn’t actually be a crazy theory.  (I am definitely running with this, if you have any supporting or opposing ideas please tell me).

Now that Rousseau is dead, I find myself very angry that we didn’t get her flashback.  They obviously have had a story for her from early on, why haven’t we heard it yet.  I doubt it has to do with many of the mysteries of the island, so it’s not like it will spoil anything.  I think they were just too busy to spend time and money on an episode about a recurring guest.  I’m still pretty depressed that both Rousseau and Alex are dead (who cares about Karl).

This is the infamous episode with the polar bear.  If you ever talk to a non-Lost-fan they will always bring this up.  Why was there a polar bear on the island.  For a long time I (and maybe even you) believed that the polar bear was brought forth from Walt’s imagination.  When we get to his flashback we see him as a child and just by thinking about a specific bird it comes to him.  In this episode we see Walt reading a Spanish comic with a polar bear in it.  Naturally we assumed that was the trigger that made him think about polar bears and voila one appears.  Some people now say that Dharma brought polar bears there to do tests on them, which is why they have cages for them on the Hydra island.  I believe that the reason why there are polar bears on the island is because the island can and has moved.  At one time I believe it was at the North Pole, which is why Penny has a station near there.  while it was at the North Pole polar bears lived there and after it moved they stayed alive, they can live in many different environments (I remember the ‘zoo’ I used to go to when I was a kid has polar bears in it, living outside all the time, they looked about as bad as the polar bears on the island).  I’ll bet that Dharma ended up using them for tests (like moving a certain wheel) but I don’t think it was worth it for them to bring polar bears to the island just for tests.

– Izi


5 Responses to “102 – Pilot (part 2)”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    July 7, 2008 at 6:52 am

    I never thought it might be the food.

    Do you know how much time I wasted looking for a screen cap of those disgusting nails?!

    Ok, I’ll admit I have a bit of a crush but come on!
    “This episode has the Jack that we all know, the one who simply sits back and is boring while other people are doing the interesting stuff.”

    Meee-ow! I don’t know how ‘sits back and is boring’ it is to waste precious time and resources trying to heal a man that can’t be healed. He was busy. ‘Nough said. Then he was busy getting in denial as to Kate’s reality. Hardened criminals can’t be rescued. Cutesy freckled crash victims can.
    (no, I don’t think she’s a hardened criminal – but he had no way of knowing what her crime was)

    Love watching that Polar Bear in the deleted scenes – that guy just wearing a mangy rug and jumping in the air! Classic.

    Your Isn’t it just? re: Shannon – making me choke on my breakfast.

    I think Sawyer went on the hike because 1) he likes Kate 2) He needed to man up and get in fight with someone to counteract the sad he was feeling after reading that letter 3) we needed to learn what a complex guy he is sweetheart.

    I think Walt might be a bit of a freak – the only thing he seems attached to is Vincent — who may or may not even be a real dog anymore! (hey – don’t bring Kira into this – I have plenty of human attachments too) He really isn’t that sad about his Mom is he? Or maybe that is why he is extra stand offish with that terrible new Dad he’s saddled with. He’s fond of Mr. Locke.

    When did they stop calling him Mr. Locke? That’s telling. At least, I know it is when I start referring to people by only their last name. Kavazo.

    Love the still of Charlie’s face – man there are some really bad ones out there for him – the one I almost used for the French! maybe I’ll change it…

  2. July 7, 2008 at 12:24 pm

    You should try to keep track of how long they call him Mr. Locke, and how long they call Eko Mr. Eko. Maybe as long as they call them Mr. they respect them.

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