103 – Tabula Rasa


Kate-Centric episode.  At this point, the show is getting to it’s usual format with episodes devoted mostly on one person.  This episode is mostly about Kate.  My problem with this format is that there is very little story on the island, which is good for the writers but since I’m watching old episodes it really isn’t very much fun rewatching old character development.  For example in this episode nothing really happens to do with the overall mythology of the island.  I actually have very little to write about this episode.

Since I was bored with this flashback and nothing exciting happened to do with the island I’ll give this episode a 4.0/10.


-16.56 million viewers.

-Originally aired Oct. 6, 2004.

-There is nothing exciting about these ratings, except that there was no drop-off from the previous episode which was technically the pilot.


-What did Kate do?

-Does Walt make it stop Raining?

Character Impressions:


-Jack pretends to be open-minded and accepting of Kate, but he quickly turns on her and calls her a murderer without asking her about it.

-Jack kills The Marshall, I think we always forget that he killed a man.


-Kate is a really bad liar, her conscience is constantly bugging her when she is lying, and you can see it.

-The Marshall says to Jack, “she got to you too huh?”  Do you think that her old husbands and boyfriends have still loved her even after she left.


-Charlie is desperately hitting on Claire.








-This is one time when I agree with Michael’s reaction, if I heard that a creepy old man is telling my young son secrets I too might have a problem with that.

-Michael sees Sun naked.  I still think they were trying to hook these two up.


-Michael tells Walt he’ll find his dog as soon as it stops raining, Walt looks outside and it immediately stops raining.  Hmm, potentially interesting.


-Jin tells Sun he loves her.  That came out of left field.


-Sun as usual has a serious lack of reactions, she doesn’t even do anything when Michael stumbles upon her naked.


-I enjoy Charlie trying to brag to Locke about his band.

-Locke found Vincent.  He almost seems normal at this point, but I remember watching this and thinking not a chance this guy is a freak, especially that last scene when he’s just staring at Michael and Walt.

-For some reason I always thought Locke was just a guest star and that he would die within the first few episodes.


-Sawyer called Kate Freckles for the first time.

-Sawyer seems absolutely content to be on the island.

-Sawyer works pretty fast, he quickly cons Kate out of her gun.

-I think Sawyer wanted to kill The Marshall because he thought it would be the right things, I think in his own way he was redeeming himself.


-Hurley is so helpful, all he ever does is help people.


-Sayid takes the lead, organizes the camp.  Up until this point, and for a long time after Sayid is the only person who talks to the extras.



Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-What I remember from watching this episode is thinking that this format could get old really quick, I didn’t really care too much about everyone’s life before the island, that changed in the next episode though.

-At this point in the show it was fun to guess what Kate did.  My guess was that she killed her husband.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-A funny thing happen, when the group that go and hear Rousseau’s transmission come back down the mountain, they decide not to tell the others what happened.  There are six of them Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Charlie, Shannon, & Boone.  One of the lines was, “So we lie”.  It doesn’t mean anything but it’s just funny to see history repeat itself, to a greater extent with the Oceanic 6.

-About Walt and the rain.  I think this may be a clue as to what Walt is capable of.  He just thinks about it and the rain immediately stops.  At this point in the show we didn’t know Walt was special so maybe this was a hint for us early on.  Does that mean he is Storm from X-Men?  I personally think that it is less his own powers that make the rain stop and more his communication with the island.  So it’s not that he’s terribly gifted he just happens to be able to communicate with the island better than most.  We know that Locke has the same ability and that he did from an early age, which is why Richard was so interested in him.  Ben also had the same ‘talent’.  Some might say Aaron has the same abilities but I don’t think so, it might be possible for him to have some sort of power that is dangerous to the island.  But Walt is special, that’s for sure.

-Kate’s fake name in Australia is Annie, I doubt it means anything, according to Lostpedia, Kate’s middle name is Anne.  That does bring me to a new theory though.  I won’t elaborate about it yet because it’s half baked (to say the least), what if Kate’s mom, Diane, is Annie.  That wouldn’t be so hard to believe.

– Izi


6 Responses to “103 – Tabula Rasa”

  1. July 9, 2008 at 4:37 am

    I love the posts…. keep them coming…. all hiatus recalling and theorising is welcome.

    Go easy on Jack though – in the end he’ll be the hero. At the moment the popular line is ‘Locke is special – jack is a loser” – but we all know how this show has a way of mirroring or flipping circumstances. They are both complex characters and they both have tallied up some enormous failures already (Locke – Boone, Hatch Implosion, being manipulated by Ben; Jack – Oceanic 6 stuff, Jin, trusting the freighties). At the end of season 4 we have Jack drunk, high and desperate where as Locke is walking into his destiny leading the Others…. but we know Locke dies and “very bad things happen” and you can put your mortgage on Jack and Co. getting back to the Island.

    In the end Jack will “rescue” everyone. We all know it. May as well get used to the idea.


  2. 2 missscarlett
    July 9, 2008 at 8:52 am

    Alright Gatesy!

    Who are these people calling Jack a loser? I’ll take ’em on.
    No, seriously.
    How Freudian — I mean to say NOT seriously.

    Anyways…what changes your mind about the next ep? Isn’t it Jack’s? Ahhhhh nope. Locke’s.
    I agree – his backstory was far more interesting. And things get a little interesting in the jungle too.

    Hey – I posted this ep last night too. We noticed Walt & the rain. This is fun…but does this mean you need your DVD’s back? 😉

  3. July 9, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    I’m actually pretty far ahead in my reviews, I’m just slow publishing them, to keep all two of you on the edges of your seats.
    I’m finding that I am liking Jack more and more as I watch the old episodes, but not for the traditional reasons (the nice guy thing). I think that we have been meant to dislike him, in all of his flashbacks he has been a douche. Also the “Man of Science” this is pretty enraging when it’s so obvious that he’s wrong. Next season Jack will apparently change a lot, so perhaps it’s time I got on the Jack side. I still think he’s an ineffective leader and blind to the concerns of others but I’m willing to give him a chance in the future.

  4. July 10, 2008 at 1:39 am

    Jack makes weird and stupid decisions but he is the most natural leader – certainly all the redshirts follow him like sheep….. I like him because he is flawed, but trying to redeem himself – though his fixing obsession is annoying he is just trying to prove that he “has what it takes”… can’t wait to see him interact with Spooky Island Christian Shepherd!!!

  5. February 26, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    I like Jack because HE IS flawed. He’s not the usual hero who always seemed to know or do the right thing. Characters like that have become boring to me.

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