104 – Walkabout


Locke -centric episode.  Some people say this episode was the one that hooked them to the show.  Obviously the twist, that Locke was in a wheelchair, was very dramatic.  But when I remember these first few episodes, this one didn’t really stand out.

I completely underestimated this episode.  The fact that the general public thinks this episode is wonderful made me think that it therefore must be pretty average.  But this is the kind of episode that I love.  It is almost all mythology hidden under character development.  On the outside everyone remembers Locke being able to walk again.  What we forget is all the crazy stuff that happens in between.  Things like: Locke seeing Smokey, Jack seeing Christian and Rose knowing that the Tailies are still alive.  Since this was such a good episode I’ll give it the old 10/10


-17.55 million viewers.

-This episode did better than the previous one and the following on, people wanted to know about Locke, there’s a high chance that word got out about the twist.


-How did Locke regain the use of his legs?

-How did Locke lose the use of his legs?

-Is Rose’s husband still alive?

-How does Rose know her husband is still alive?

-Why does Locke call Kate, Helen?

-Who is the woman in Sayid’s picture?

Character Impressions:


-Jack made a very executive decision when he decided to burn the bodies.  He didn’t listen to anyone else,  Sayid really disagreed with him.  When Jack over-ruled him, Sayid stopped leading, which is unfortunate because Sayid is a much better leader.

-What the deuce is Jack wearing around his neck in this episode?  (I actually know, but he looks like a fool so I have to make fun of him.)

-Jack sees his dad in this episode.  Which was incredibly important, and still sends chills up my spine.  The next episode is Jack-centric and there is a lot more Christian so I’ll write more about him then, lots more.




-Hurley and Charlie have a great moment while fishing, it’s very funny.  I love when Charlie dives into the water instead of throwing the spear.  You can see why Hurley had such a hard time when Charlie died, those two got along so well.


-Boone is worried about Rose, he’s the only person who even noticed her since the crash.  He thinks that Jack should go help her, which is unfortunate because jack doesn’t really have much to say to her.




-Claire is so cute with the eulogy thing.  And it’s hilarious that she thought Jack would be willing to help.  She made the same mistake Boone made.  You would think that as his sister she would know that he doesn’t have a heart.


-Michael is a fool, for some reason he decides to go hunting with Locke and Kate even though he has no experience or chance at catching anything.  Of course he gets injured.








-Locke seems so scary at this point, not only does he know almost everything about hunting but he has a huge collection of knives.

-Once you find out he was in a wheelchair, it all makes sense and suddenly he is the best character on the show.  It was truly amazing how quickly and drastically they turned the character around.

-Locke sees Smokey.


-At this point Sawyer is at the bottom of the ladder, everyone hates him.  Now he’s pretty much on top, I can’t think of any character who doesn’t like him.  Not that he’s any friendlier.




-This episode pretty much marks the end of Sayid’s leadership.  He is probably the only person who has a plan, he wants to find the station that is broadcasting Rousseau’s signal.  It was a good plan, and he could actually do it.  It’s unfortunate that Jack took control because if Sayid had more help, I bet he could have done it.

-We also see Nadia for the first time in this episode.  (You can see what I meant when I said Sayid had nasty long fingernails.)


-This is the episode with Rose’s famous line about her husband and the Tailies still being alive.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-I remember being so freaked out at the beginning of this episode, when the boars are rummaging around in the plane.  I was so sure that we’d see the monster and it would be so scary.  Not knowing what the monster was made it so much scarier than actually seeing it.  i think the writers did a good job with Smokey because if we saw the smoke anytime before they hooked us with the story it would have been so maddening.

-I think the first time I saw this episode I still thought it was a remake of Land of the Lost, so when Locke saw the monster I thought it was a dinosaur.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

When the Walkabout guy tells Locke he can’t come on the Walkabout Locke loses it.  During his little screaming match he says that he’s been preparing for years to go on the Walkabout and it’s his destiny.  We now know that Matthew Abbadon is the one who tells Locke to go on a Walkabout.  So it seems strange that he would adopt that idea as his destiny.  And what did Abbadon have planned, did he know the plane was going to crash?  Did he want Locke on the Island?  It seems like it.  We know that Richard wanted to take Locke away at a very young age, he seemed to be hoping to train him or something.  As far as we know Richard has been on the Island for a long time, likely he wanted to bring Locke there.  Probably to live with the hostiles, maybe Abbadon wanted Locke to go be with Dharma.  Or maybe it was a backwards plan, perhaps Abbadon knew Locke was unfit to lead or be part of the Hostiles (now the Others) and so sent him there in order to weaken them as a group.  That is what appears to have happened.  Locke became leader at the end of this season and a few years later, everything went to hell.  So perhaps Locke was a kind of accidental sleeper agent.

During the hunting scenes, after the boar gets away, Locke is laying on the ground Kate starts asking him if he’s OK, and he says I’m fine Helen (or something like that).  Why would he call her Helen, we know who the real Helen is, and it’s a very sad story but why does he call Kate that?  Was there any significance?  I don’t think so, I just think he was little obsessed and I doubt he’s talked to many women over the years except for Helen and the phone-sex “lady” he calls Helen, so it’s easy to for him to get confused.  If you have any other ideas feel free to tell me.

We see that Locke sees Smokey, obviously we didn’t know the monster was Smokey but that was the strangest moment.  I still don’t know exactly what happened, possibly it was just like when Smokey saw Smokey in season 2.  He immediately lies about what he sees when Michael asks him.  Even after we knew what Smokey was I didn’t really connect this scene to it.  Sometimes I still wonder if Locke really saw Smokey or if it was something else.  If you have any ideas please tell me.

I love the part with Rose about her husband.  I held on to the hope that we would find more survivors for so long.  For some reason that made me so excited.  Finding the Tailies was one of the highlights of the show for me.  But as for Rose knowing that Bernard and the others were alive, I think that was just faith, I don’t think she has any special knowledge or insight into the island.

Also in this episode Jack sees his father for the first time.  But he sees more of him in the next episode, so I’ll tell you my insanely complicated ideas about Christian next time, on Monday when I analyze episode 105 – White Rabbit.

– Izi

6 Responses to “104 – Walkabout”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    July 11, 2008 at 9:44 am

    It was totally Smokey – if you listen to the scene you can hear Smokey very clearly.

    I guess he saw something not dissimilar to what Eko saw except I think Smokey showed him what he could perhaps become on Island.
    Mostly because Locke wouldn’t think glimpses of his past would be beautiful~!

  2. 2 missscarlett
    July 11, 2008 at 9:45 am

    Oh – and I disagree. I think Sayid continued to play a fairly strong leadership role until he walked off into the jungle.

    Even the torture thingy with Sawyer was a decision he made with Jack’s agreement. But Sayid clearly leads the people at the beach.

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