China TV/Film Forum Interview

Recently DarkUFO reported on an interview involving Carlton Cuse speaking about season 5.  I don’t personally consider these kinds of things spoilers, when the producers or writers tell us things but if you want to remain completely in the dark then stop reading now.


The interview is pretty bland, but there were two important points.  He pretty much says that Locke will be resurected, or at least opened up the possibility.  But more importantly (to me) he said that Locke and Jack would switch roles, with Jack becoming more of a Man of Faith and Locke becoming more of a Man of Science.  The Science vs. Faith issue has been important since the end of season 1.  I, along with most people, tend to side on the side of Faith, that’s not to say that Jacks always wrong and Lockes always right, but Locke tends to aim in the right direction.

I have been noticing that Jacks flashforwards tend to show a changing of his character.  I can completely see Jack becoming more open to the more faith based beliefs that Locke has been advocating for so long.  I think this change in character is very important.  As many of you know I’m not a Jack fan, at all, so if I know that he is going to change in the future that gives me a whole new outlook on the character.  I might even be willing to like the man (at least until he dies, Mwahahahahahaha [that was an evil laugh]).

– Izi


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