106 – House of the Rising Sun

This picture makes this episode look a lot more exciting than it actually is


A Sun & Jin centric episode.  It’s amazing that so many viewers were patient enough to read all the subtitles in this episode, Americans tend to have a problem with reading while they’re watching TV.

This episode was one of the first to introduce a formula that has continually been used up until the latest season.  They split up the group, and the go in separate directions.  Sometimes it’s just a group of people going across the island or something, but usually it’s half of the people going one way and half going the other.  This story element is very good for writing be cause it allows them to alternate between two different storylines.  For example they’ll have stories about one camp one week then the other camp the next week, this way you can miss one week and still be able to watch the next new episode.

The House of the Rising Sun is not one of my favorite episodes.  I didn’t mind the Sun and Jin story the first time I saw it but they really get tiresome.  I get so bored during their flashbacks.  They are just so contained, there are no connections to other stories or anything it’s just about them and it really really bores me.  And after that first twist, that Sun can speak English, there is really not much left to reveal.  I don’t hate the characters but I just don’t want to see them that much.  Also the side story with Charlie does nothing for me anymore, I know that he gets back on drugs and then gets off them again and then dies, so I don’t really care too much.  I’ll give this episode 3.5/10.  (BTW I’m going to be a really harsh rater.  I could stay on the middle ground and give everything 8/10, but that gets boring fast.  Also I’m not comparing Lost to other TV shows, if I did that all the episodes would get 9-10.  This is a Lost blog.  I’m comparing these episodes to all the other Lost episodes.)


-16.16 million viewers.  This was the last episode before November sweeps.  After this episode they started aggressively advertising the show again.  After this point the numbers went up again.

-Originally aired Oct. 27, 2004.


-Who are the two skeletons in the cave?

-What do the two rocks that the skeletons hold mean?

Character Impressions:


-Jack decides people need to live in the caves.  He decides this, as Sayid brings out, without consulting anyone.


-Kate to Jack, “You and your tattoos don’t add up.”  Doesn’t that make you extraordinarily intrigued?  Nope.

-I love when Kate tries to flirt with Jack, he doesn’t get it, it’s pretty emberassing.

-Kate shows her ongoing problem, she can’t settle down.  Not even with Jack on the island.  See below for more.


-Charlie to Jack and Kate, “When you two are done verbally copulating we should get a move on.”  This is the Charlie I miss, the consistently sarcastic Charlie who just hung around the camp and made funny comments, I couldn’t care less about the Driveshaft Charlie, or the druggie Charlie or when Charlie was attached to Locke or to Eko. “Oh you guys have an inside joke, how absolutely wonderful for you both.”

-Here’s a line I hadn’t heard before, Charlie hands Kates shirt back to her, she’s only wearing a bra, after they were attacked by Bees, she says, “it was full of Bees”, He says, “I would have though Cs actually.”








-Michael says that where he’s from Korean people don’t like black people.  Where I’m from there isn’t really a huge black population, there are a lot of Koreans but  I have never heard of this.  Is it true or was Michael just trying to find a reason for the attack.

-Michael is always out of the loop, he always tends to choose sides but it’s not like he ever really knows what’s going on.


-For being so “special”, Walt doesn’t seem terribly smart.


-Jin is shown to be outrageously violent in this episode, he seriously almost kills Michael.  Then they handcuff him to some wreckage, and he gets his very stylish and permanent handcuff on one wrist.  Also in the flashback it’s clear that he is a thug or hitman.

-Why would Mr. Paik agree to let Jin Marry Sun, we know that he became a thug for him, but thugs aren’t that hard to get.  Is it worth marrying your daughter away?


-In the flashback Sun decides to run away from Jin.  Her plan involved her getting away from Jin at the airport and getting in a car, and making it look like a kidnapping.  She was then going to fake her death and start a new life.

-I was extremely shocked to find out Sun spoke English.


-Locke catches Charlie doing drugs.  This starts their very rough relationship.  I still disagree with the Locke when he took away Charlie’s drugs, I would have let him run out, so that when he starts feeling withdrawl there isn’t anything anyone can do about it (at least until Eko shows Charlie he brothers plane with all the drugs in it).


-Sawyer clearly shows interest in Kate tonight.  He won’t decide whether he’s going to the caves until she tells him what she’s doing.


-Hurley is still quite a pushover at this point.  He’s not really into making his own decisions yet.


-Sayid gets another chance at leadership.  He is pretty much in charge of the beach camp, while Jack takes people to the caves.



Flashbacks (what we knew then):

Kate finds the two skeletons in the cage, with the black and white rocks.  Still we have no idea who they were, “it takes forty or fifty years for clothing to degrade like this”, “our very own Adam and Eve”.  There are a lot of theories about these two, a lot of interesting ones, but no one knows for sure.  I really have no idea.  Most peoples theories involve time travel, I don’t like to touch time travel so I won’t get into it.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

What would be the better choice, going to the caves or staying on the beach, we know that no planes or boats could even see them on the beach, so perhaps they could have all gone to the caves, but back in the day I remember thinking how crazy it was for them to put out that signal fire.

I said last week that I think Jack is going to change after the flashforwards.  I think Kate will too.  In this episode we see a perfect example of Kate not being able to stay put.  And she hasn’t been able to settle down since the show began, but now that she has had her dream of a happy life, with Jack and Aaron, it’s possible that she’ll be able to settle down, or at least make some real permanent decisions.

– Izi


5 Responses to “106 – House of the Rising Sun”

  1. 1 missscarlett
    July 16, 2008 at 7:48 am

    I like this Charlie best too.

    Funny – that t-shirt line was always one of my favourites because it was so subtle.

  2. July 17, 2008 at 11:24 am

    The Charlie Drug Problem was the worst thing on LOST. When they brought it back in season 2 I nearly had a fit. Fire and Water is the most irritating episode if lost ever. It made me want Charlie dead! But by the second half if S3 he was good Charlie again and now I miss him from the show……

    Drugs are for mugs.

    • 3 rohangirl90
      March 7, 2010 at 7:59 am

      I couldn’t even FINISH Fire + Water, I was so upset. No slapping or beating up Charlie ever is my rule, I almsot stopped liking Locke because of it. Charlie = EPIC WIN, and I hearted him so. He needs to be in more episodes in S6, STAT.

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