Last Thursday I posted a link to another blog which listed The Top 30 WFT Moments of Lost.  After I found that I had a look around his blog and found that he does something quite clever.  When new episodes were on he posted ranks for each episode as if it was survivor.

Each character has a number of points, signifying their general position compared to others. He started back in season 3 and has kept it going since then.

I love this format and I will definitely keep on eye on his blog during the hiatus and especially when Lost comes back.  Until then here’s his archives of old episodes and other Lost-vivor posts.

1st Post
301 – A Tale of Two Cities
302 – The Glass ballerina
303 – Further Instructions
304 – Every Man For Himself
305 – The Cost of Living
306 – I Do
307 – Not in Portland
308 – Flashes Before Your Eyes
309 – Stranger in a Strange Land
310 – Tricia Tanaka is Dead
311 – Enter 77
312 – Par Avion
313 – The Man From Tallahassee
314 – Expose
315 – Left Behind
316 – One of Us
317 – Catch 22
318 – D.O.C.
319 – The Brig
320 – The Man Behind the Curtain
321 – Greatest Hits
322 – Through the Looking Glass

401 – The Beginning of the End
402 – Confirmed Dead
403 – The Economist
404 – Eggtown
405 – The Constant
406 – The Other Woman
407 – Ji Yeon
408 – Meet Kevin Johnson
409 – The Shape of Things to Come
410 – Something Nice Back Home
411 – Cabin Fever
412 – There’s No Place Like Home (1)
413 – There’s No Place Like Home (2) & (3)

Lost-vivor FAQ

I doubt any of you will be able to read all of these posts, but here they are if you want to.  In January or February when the new episodes come on I encourage all of you to check out that site.  It’ll be fun and a half.

Note: I’m putting together a list of sites that I want to link to when the new episodes come on.  I’m looking for consistent sites that will review each episode or at least post every week.  So when Lost comes back I can alter my Foreign Theories page to include all those reviews.  If you have any ideas please tell me, I already have quite a few in mind.

– izi


1 Response to “Lost-vivor”

  1. July 17, 2008 at 7:28 am

    Thanks for linking to Lost-vivor; I’m glad you enjoyed the recaps. 🙂

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