107 – The Moth


I think a lot of the next few episodes are going to be pretty boring. The first season is full of character development and the establishing of back stories. Unfortunately I don’t really care about those things in this go-round.  When someone first watches the show these episodes are crucial, but once you know the character, you know the character and that’s all there is to it.  What I want is to see things that can give us insight to season 4 or 5, to find things we may have forgotten about.  So unfortunately I don’t want to skip episodes in case something small triggers a brainwave, so bear with me through the doldrums and soon we’ll get to the fun stuff.

Tonight we learned about Charlie, he got screwed by his life choices and his brother, how sad. But he was redeemed by the island.. wow, I’m happy for him.

On a significantly more important note, Sayid got hit in the back of the head with a stick. Somebody doesn’t want Sayid to find the radio tower, someone who will stop at nothing to prevent contact with the outside world. That was pretty foreboding.

Also Jack almost died, I’m sure we were all really concerned about Jacks life in the 7th episode

Because of the frightening part with Sayid and the stick I’ll give this episode a 4/10 (instead of a 2/10).


-18.60 million viewer.  Up 2 million from the week before, apparently people really wanted to see a Charlie episode.  This is the kind of thing that made Lost such a phenomenon, viewership went up after the premiere.  If something like that happened these days they would have it on three days a week.


-Who Struck Sayid with the stick?

-Why does he (or she) want to prevent him from finding the radio tower?

Character Impressions:


-Jack is such a downer, he refuses to try anything new. He won’t even try to help or even encourage Sayid’s idea of finding the source of the distress call. How could you not be curious? What’s the point in helping people survive if nothing interesting is going to happen, and you have no chance of leaving the island?

-Jacks hand does the fluttery hand thing again, like in the pilot.

-Jack actually helps Charlie emotionally, as if he has some sort of bedside manners.


-Kate to Sawyer: “I get it, you don’t want off this island because there is nothing for you to go back to. No one you miss and no one who misses you.” We know that’s not completely true but he never said anything to the contrary until the season 4 finale, that shows how good a con man he is, he never tells her the truth until the last possible moment, when he thinks he’s never going to see her again.  If you think Kate has commitment issues think about that.


-Charlie is, as always, hilarious, I love his confession in the beginning.

-Charlie and his brother have a scene at a church, it’s the same set that doubled as Oxford for the scene with Desmond and Daniel in 405 – The Constant. Apparently there isn’t a large variety Gothic architecture in Hawaii, that’s surprising (literary sarcasm is really hard to do).

-Charlie says “I’m a bloody rock god!” and the cave collapses, perhaps he angered the rock gods on The Island.

-I really hate “You All Everybody”, I am so sick of the song.








-Michael was wearing a red shirt in this episode, ooooooh, why didn’t we see his death coming… three seasons later.

-Michael has 8 years of construction experience, whoa let him inspect the collapsed cave, perhaps he understands gravity better than others. “These are load bearing”, ridiculous.  Unless that cave was built by Adam and Eve that is one of the most laughable scenes in this show.  I work in a structural engineering firm and I can tell you that no once except a spelunker would know whether cave walls are “load bearing”.

-Walt asks Michael if they can live in the caves, Michael immediately looks at Sun. Foreshadowing nothing.  Is still don’t know why those two didn’t sleep together.  I think it’s possible that the writers really didn’t like Michael as a character so they didn’t let him do a lot.




-Jin is suddenly a push-over in this episode.  Sun is wearing very little, he tells her once to put more clothes on, she says it’s hot and he does nothing.  Maybe Sun should have “noticed” the heat earlier.




-I wonder why Locke got involved in Charlie’s drug problem.


-Sawyer compares himself to Jack.  Then he tells poor Kate that Jacks most likely dead.  Then Kate tells him that it was an outrageous comparison.  Harsh.




-Sayid had a much stronger accent before, he rolled his Rs like crazy.

-“Thank god for firework smugglers.” I wasn’t aware that there was a market in LA for fireworks from Sidney, sounds a little crazy to me.

-Sayid, “We shouldn’t have survived” he says that the fuselage cartwheeled through the jungle. This is the first I’ve heard of this.


Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-Three of the extras had lines in this episode. That was different. I remember always hoping that someday we would get someone new come out of the woodwork and become a main character.

-When Sayid got hit on the back of the head, I was so mad. I figured the rest of the show was going to be like this, with the people always nearly getting saved, but never quite making it.

-The love triangle at this point is angrifying. Sawyer loves Kate, Kate loves Jack, Jack will only Love Kate if she does what he says.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-It took forever to get to the radio tower. Only at the end of season 3.  They had time to make a golf course but they couldn’t look around for a radio tower?

-So Locke was trying to prevent people from reaching the radio tower this early in the show. We know that he was willing to kill a, by all appearance, nice woman in order to prevent the use of a radio off the island. This was according to the will of the island. Could the island have told him to protect the island by hitting Sayid this time? Maybe, I can’t really remember what he said when it was revealed that it was him wielding the stick. I’ll find out soon.

-One thing I wonder about the first season. How much was J.J. Abrams involved in?  I know he wrote the pilot, obviously.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he came up with backstories to the main characters.  I figure they used these backstories for the first few flashbacks.  The half of the first season is 11 episodes long, I’ll bet he wrote all of those episodes, maybe not the lines but definately the stories.  Coincidently the story really takes off after those first 11 episodes.  Thats not to say they were bad, they were a great setup but I just prefer the later episodes.

– Izi


1 Response to “107 – The Moth”

  1. 1 JEB
    July 23, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    Yeah, M and I watched this tonight and we laughed so hard at the “this is loadbearing” line. I remember this from two years ago when I raced through the entire first two seasons by myself. Michael — 8 years of construction gives him the power to draw a free body diagram in his head and calculate the moment of inertia on that rock. M said “what, has he built an effing cave?” I thought that was hilarious.

    We’ll see how watching (from the beginning) sequentially goes, given that M and I watched the last 4 episodes of season 4 together…

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