Foreign Theories: Garden of Eden Theory

I especially like this theory because it explains Smokey so well.  What it says is that The Island is the Garden of Eden.  After Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad they were banished from the garden, then god placed a Cherub in front of the garden as a guard.  It was his job to prevent sinful humans from entering the garden.  After a short period of time The Garden of Eden was lost, possibly hidden by god.

These two theories say that the Island is the Garden of Eden and that Smokey is the Cherub, as the Cherub he is the guardian or security system of the island. This theory also explains why Richard can live forever on the island and why illnesses and disabilities are cured.  There is lots more proof, take a look if you are interested.

1st Theory

2nd Theory

– Izi

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