109 – Solitary


I didn’t recall this episode being as good as it is.  Sayid’s stories really take a nosedive after this point, I think I lost respect for him after he fell in love with Shannon.  This episode sets up a lot of storylines.  It introduces Rousseau and tells her story.  It introduces Ethan, as a nice strange man.  Sayid also finds the wire on the beach that leads to The Looking Glass.  The Black Rock is also introduced briefly.  And Danielle tells Sayid there are Others on the island, and on a related note Sayid hears the voices for the first time.  That’s pretty dense for an episode when the secondary storyline involves setting up a golf course.  In all this was a surprisingly good episode, 8.0/10


-17.47 million  viewers.  The ratings fall a little from last week.


-Where did Ethan come from?

-Who is Alex?

-Where is Alex?

-What happened to Rousseau’s crew that made her kill them?

-What are the voices?

-Who are The Others?

-What is the Black Rock?

-Where is Danielle’s ship?

-Who were the Carriers?

-What kind of Sickness did Rousseau’s crew have?

-Why did Rousseau kill them?

Character Impressions:


-Apparently Jack doesn’t feel too bad about torturing Sawyer for no reason.  There’s a sign of a good leader, knowing when to apologize when they’re wrong.  After watching Jack’s first flashback episode I decided to give him another chance but I am having a very hard time liking him.


-“Accidents happen when you torture people Jack.”

-Kate is very concerned with Sayid.  She seems to be the only one, does anyone else even know he’s left?

-Kate saves Sawyer from social oblivion.  I think this is proof that she cares about him, she could just let him stay on his own forever but she decides to help him integrate into the group.




-I’ve realized why I am being so nice to dumb ol’ Boone, since I know he dies so early I never really got a chance to get bored of him, and I feel bad for the actor.  He never got a chance to taste the real success of the show.  So it’s more that I pity the actor and the character than that I actually like him.






-Michael invents a shower.  The writers may have noticed at this point that Michael was an awful character so they try to redeem him by giving him useful skills.

-Jack and Michael are a good pair, they are both Debbie-downers and take life way to seriously.


-Walt to Michael “You left me alone at the caves”.  That was a pretty typical scene for those two, with Walt knowing what is best for him and Michael ignoring the kids feelings.

-Walt is as anti-social as Locke, he would rather hang around with him, than the group.  I think the writers were really trying to build a connection between these two so that we would see their similarities.






-Locke immediately gets along with Ethan.  See below.

-While everyone else is playing golf, or being visually raped by French wild-women, Locke is playing with his knives.  I guess Locke is also far too serious, he never lets himself have fun, he’s always doing something stressful.


-Sawyers nicknames: Jack = Dr. Quinn.  Hilarious.

-Sawyer’s stab wound is tiny after only two days. Sawyer’s healing factor = 60% (I’m a big X-Men fan).


-Hurley does what I would do, he tries to have fun or at least occupy himself and others.  And he’s so right, that is what they need to survive, not just food and water, they need a reason to stay alive, if they think they are going to get saved they are fooling themselves.


-Sayid gets bored while hanging upside down so he remembers he’s a Muslim and starts praying.  Seriously I think Sayid’s religion is badly written, I only realized he was a Muslim at the end of season 2 when he’s praying on Desmond’s sailboat.  I guess he was waiting until he found a compass.

-Sayid gets tortured a lot.

-I used to watch National Geographic videos from the library and they had a narrator who sounded exactly like Naveen Andrews.

-Nadia was a very good character. “Are you going to hurt me Sayid”, great line.  It’s unfortunate that Nadia isn’t in too many flashbacks it would have been interesting to see what she did after escaping from Sayid and Iraq.  The next time we see her she is in London (or at least Britain somewhere).

-Sayid thinks Nadia is dead.  Did he still think she was dead when he got back to civilization as one of the Oceanic 6?  (That’s actually a question, I don’t recall.)

-Sayid steals all of poor Rousseau’s papers.  Imagine the work she must have gone through to draw that map, and he takes it.

-Sayid pulls a Michael and shoots himself in the leg in his flashback.

-On the back of Nadia’s photo it says, “You’ll find me in the next life, if not in this one.”  That’s exactly what happens.  That seems to be a pretty common theme in Lost, Desmond says it a lot as well, in a different way.

-Sayid hears the voices, see below.


-New character (for these characters that are commonly recurring guests I might just delete their names when they’re not in episodes).

-Rousseau immediately tortures Sayid trying to find out where Alex is.  That is her highest priority before she is distracted into telling Sayid her story.

-Rousseau reminds me of Waterworld, just her dirtiness and use of canvas on everything.

-Rousseau rightfully believes Sayid is an Other.  Even though she’s wrong to suspect him, it was probably good that she was that suspicious, after all Ethan had infiltrated the survivors camp in the same episode.

-“They control it now” the radio tower.  So Rousseau had never seen anyone else on the island but she knew that The Others had the radio tower inside their territory.

-Rousseau almost attempts to rape Sayid.

-Danielle’s story: “We were part of a science team” with her husband Robert. “Our vessel was three days out of Tahiti, when our instruments malfunctioned. It was night, a storm, the sounds. The ship slammed into rocks, ran aground, the hull breached beyond repair. So we made camp, dug out, this temporary shelter.” (referring to her camp) “Nearly two months we survived here. Two months before…” Sayid interrupts: “Your distress signal said It killed them all”. Danielle continues: “We were coming back from the Black Rock, it was them, they were the Carriers.” “Who were the Carriers”. “The Others” “What Others? What is the Black Rock? Have you seen other people on this island?” “No but I hear them, out there in the jungle, they whisper” Sayid then concludes that she’s crazy. Later the story continues, after a face-off between Sayid and Danielle she says, “The firing pin has been removed, Robert didn’t notice it was missing either, when I shot him.” “But you loved him.” “He was sick.”  “Sick?” “It took them, one after the other, I had no choice, they were already lost.” You killed them?!” “What would have happened if we were rescued? I couldn’t let that happen, I won’t.”  see below for analysis

-Danielle hunts the bears, for food, that’s pretty epic.

-Sayid hearing a roar: “It might be the Monster”, Danielle: “There’s no such thing as Monsters”.

-Danielle to Sayid, “Your people, the ones you are determined to get back to, watch them, watch them closely.”

-Alex was my child.  We didn’t know she was a girl.


-Another new character.  They did a very clever thing with Ethan though, in order to distract us from the addition of Ethan they also introduced a more noticeable red-shirt, that guy with the rash.  So at the end of the episode we aren’t too concerned about the creepy guy who just showed up.  Also they added Rousseau, so with three new speaking cast members, the quiet one doesn’t stand out much.

-Ethan immediately gets along with Locke.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-Sayid finding wire, I remember thinking that the Wire connected the island to the mainland, and it made me so angry that they never followed it into the water.

-I think most people, including myself believed that The Voices were simply a sign that Sayid was going crazy.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Locke was obviously meant to be an Other, he has so much in common with them.  The first time we see Ethan he is hanging around Locke, he had just gone hunting with him and caught a rabbit.  Locke and the Others have so much in common.  They are all pretty wild, and enjoy living in the jungle.  They are willing to do anything for the good of the group, even if it means hurting or even killing people who get in the way.  They have a massive amount of faith in the island.  It’s surprising that Ethan didn’t confide in Locke, I doubt Locke would have told anyone, he would have been intrigued by The Others and would have likely joined them immediately.  Likely Ben would have prevented that from happening though, he would probably see Locke as a threat as soon as they met.  I can’t recall exactly what happens when they meet in season 2, I’ll have to wait til then to find out.

-Sayid find wire in this episode and it isn’t explained until the end of season three, that was along time for some payoff for that storyline.

-This episode is also the first mention of The Black Rock.  This time the storyline quickly resolves itself because we see The Black Rock by the end of the first season.

-Danielle’s gives us a lot of info in this episode.  We hear her story all though it is badly fragmented and missing a lot of info.  What we do know is that she got to the island, her crew got sick and she killed them all.  It is pretty safe to assume that the sickness was the same as Desmond or Minkowski had from going through the wrong coordinates.  Who knows how Danielle avoided it, maybe she didn’t she was pretty crazy too, perhaps it just effected her less.  As for her dealings with The Others, who knows how much is true, she says they control the radio tower which is likely true, but how does she know that.  She also mentions that The Others were the Carriers, this implies some kind of disease.  The idea that the island has some sort of disease is an old debunked storyline.  If anyone knows what she was talking about with The Carriers feel free to tell me.

-Danielle says that she doesn’t believe in monsters, implying that she has never seen The Monster.  This is surprising, I guess this means that Danielle never has done anything to anger it.

-Now that I have seen all that I will probably see of Danielle, I tend to agree with Ben.  He stole Alex from Danielle because she was crazy, and even if she is right about many of the things she talks about, she still was crazy and I doubt she’d have been a suitable mother (not that Ben was father of the year).

-The voices were a big part of the story before The Others were completely revealed in season 3.  Even after that the voices or the whispers still came around when The Others were being stealthy.  I think 30% of the time the voices imply that The Others are near or at least watching.  The other 75% of the time I believe the voices are dead people on the island.  Some people who really listen to the voices say that it says things that Boone or Shannon would say.  It’s possible that there are hidden messages in the voices but I think that if things are that hidden they probably aren’t terribly significant.  At this point we know a lot about The Others so I doubt their whispers will be addressed again, as for the ghost whispers, we now have a ghost whisperer on the island, good ol’ Miles.  I’m sure he will help us understand what exactly is going on with the voices.

-More about the voices.  Is there any significance on who can hear the voices?  It seems like the writers always make a big deal about when people start hearing the voices in the jungle.  I’m going to keep this in mind as I continue to watch the episodes.

– Izi


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  1. 1 cecille
    July 24, 2008 at 5:26 am

    thanks for dropping by my site. i’ve been a huge lost fan since day 1. i love how future-oriented the 4th season was. it made things even more confusing but hey, it’s good tv right? gotta love sawyer. i find it difficult to like jack, much more now that jack and kate ended up (at least for a while) in the future. nice site you have here. i don’t think about the theories as much as you do so i’ll just read your site for that. =)

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