110 – Raised by Another


-This episode is the prelude to one of the stressful periods in Lost history.  Up until now the survivors have been able to relax on the beach with the odd fight between a castaway or too.  After this point a new threat is shown, The Others.  If you know me I love The Others storyline, Ethan is the start of that.  Also this episode has the creepy psychic guy.  So since this episode starts something so great, I’ll give it a 7.0/10.


-17.03 million viewers.  After hitting a high with Charlies episode the ratings have been gradually dropping.


-Who is Ethan?

-How did the Psychic know the plane was going to crash?  (Did he?)

-How will Claire’s baby become dangerous?

-What did Claire’s vision mean?

-Why does Ethan care about Claire?

Character Impressions:


-Jack, “I had a girlfriend once who said I talked in my sleep,” Claire, “What did you say?” “I don’t know, whatever it was, she didn’t like it.”  That wasn’t Sarah right?

-Jack works his great bedside manner on poor Claire when she’s being assaulted and is clearly in a very bad condition.  You know you’re a bad doctor when your two diagnosis’ are Hypochondria and too much stress.


-Kate says her and her mom used to let their feet sink into the sand at a beach.  Is that a hint that her mother is Annie?  Probably not, but I’ll keep it in the back of my mind.


-Charlie’s a really great friend.  He’s very dependable when he’s not on drugs.  Without him poor Claire would be in a lot more danger most of the time, and I doubt she would talk to anyone.




-My favorite Shannon line, “I am so not moving to the rape caves.”  I wish that line came up earlier, when they first found the caves, then we would be calling them the Rape Caves.


-The episode starts with Claire having a dream that she hears her baby crying and she’s not pregnant.  She wanders into the jungle, she finds Locke in the jungle at a desk looking at what are presumably Tarot Cards.  Locke says, “He was your responsibility but you gave him away Claire, everyone pays the price now.” then Locke looks up and he has one black iris and one whit iris.  Claire goes farther into the jungle finds a crib with a Oceanic airplane mobile over it.  She looks under the blankets deeper and deeper until she finds a lot of blood.  She then wakes up screaming, and she has dug her nails into the palms of her hand.

-While considering whether she should keep the baby Claire says, “My mom would disown me,” her boyfriend says, ” (scoff) She basically has already.”  Harsh, she’s in a coma!

-This psychic’s face was the scariest part of the show for me up until that point.

-The psychic guy still confuses me, was he faking any of it or was it all real.  He says he saw a blurry thing, and blurry is bad so he stopped “reading” her.  “It is crucial that you, yourself must raise this child,” “This child parented by anyone other than you- Danger surrounds this baby,” “Your nature, your spirit, your goodness, must be an influence in the development of this child.” Claire, “I am putting the baby up for adoption, I just wanted to find out what would give the baby the happiest life.”  “There is no happy life, not for this child, not without you.”  “There can’t be another, you musn’t allow another to raise your baby.”  “The baby needs your protection.”  “If you don’t do what I am saying great danger will befall-“.  After all this he “sets up” an “adoption” in “Los Angeles” I think it’s clear that he was setting her up to crash on the island “It has to be this flight”, even Charlie figured it out.  Claire now knows that she was set up to crash on the island, that would be pretty rough.

-When Claire tries to sign the adoption papers the pens don’t work, was that fate?










-Locke does a lot of lurking around in this episode, he’s always in the background when something important is happening.


-Hurley can manipulate Sawyer so easily, he gets the manifest from Sawyer the same way that he tricks him into thinking that people want to vote him out of the camp in season three.  “It would be a nice thing to do.”  I think innocent people are Sawyers weakness, he can’t con two people because they have a young son, he lets Karl leave in season 3, he takes care of Aaron and Claire after their ordeal in season 4, he loves his baby daughter after only seeing a picture and he can’t say no to Hurley.


-Hurley is so clever, he’s the only person who suspects other survivors, and comes up with the idea of the census.

-Hurley has a great conversation with Locke about what he was doing in Australia.  Poor Hurley doesn’t like talking to people who speak in riddles, he is with the wrong group of people, every character on the show has a habit of speaking in that annoyingly ambiguous way.

-“One of them isn’t in the manifest, he wasn’t on the plane”.  There’s a classic line.


-“I found her, the French Woman.  I had to come back, I had to come back.  We’re not alone.”  There’s some of that ambiguity.


-Defining creepy Ethan moment, “Hello there”.

-Ethan is great at lying to Hurley.  I only barely suspected him.

-Ethan was genuinely worried about Claire, when he heard she was having the baby.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-(This section is becoming more and more useless, it was originally planned to be a place where I could put my old theories but I have a hard time remembering back to 2004, so it might be pretty empty until we get to season 2 or 3)

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Note: Here is one of the Missing Pieces installments that has to do with Ethan talking to Jack, I think now would be a good time to watch it.  It occurs sometime around this episode, probably before.

-I don’t get the black and white eyes that Locke has in Claire’s dream/vision.  Does that mean anything?

-Ethan went against orders when he took Claire, this is more significant in the next episode but it still matters here.  That’s one thing we all have to remember, he wasn’t supposed to kidnap Claire and Charlie.

-I believe that the psychic was actually psychic, I know that in Eko’s flashback he says he just researches people, and you can see how that could be true, the first few things he says to Claire could obviously be found with research.  But when he really gets into it, he gets scary.  I think the warning to Claire was important.  That’s not to say that I believe what he says is true.  The way I see it the psychic and Jacob are on opposite sides of a battle, I don’t know who’s right but they don’t agree on things.  The psychic says he wants Claire to raise the baby, he sets her up to crash on the island, meaning that she has no choice but to raise the child (I don’t think he knew that The Others would want to deliver the baby or anything else about what would happen on the island, his plans ended with her getting there).  During season 4 we see Claire (maybe a dead/undead Claire) abandon her baby with Sawyer.  In the season 4 finale we see Claire tell Kate that she can’t bring Aaron back to the island, at this point it seems that Claire is under Jacob’s control.  So who’s right?  Is the psychic right about the catastrophic events that will follow if anyone but Claire raises him?  If so then I guess they are all screwed because Kate has been raising him for almost 3 years.  But now Claire is ignoring the psychics warning and she doesn’t want to be near the baby, I think this is proof that either she is dead and doesn’t have her own free will anymore or that she has been convinced by Jacob or maybe Christian to abandon Aaron.  In the end I believe Kate’s mom will be raising Aaron, and since I believe Kate’s mom is Annie, that means we should ask who is she aligned with?  Is Aaron going to become dangerous with her or not?

– Izi


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