111 – All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues


In my opinion this is truly one of the worst names for a Lost episode, maybe I just don’t get the reference.  That’s not to say the episode is bad but the name is just awkward and long.

Some important things happen in this episode, mostly at the end.  Most notably Locke and Boone find the hatch which we know is the driving force behind most of the storyline in the rest of season one and in all of season two.

Also Charlie dies for a few minutes.  As I mention below, this is one of the first moments when Lost had me yelling at my TV.  I think that’s pretty notable, if a TV show can get me off my couch and angry or at least emotional that’s a good sign.  This kid of thing doesn’t happen often in Lost but when it does happen it’s very memorable.  For that and the fact that we see our first glimpses at The Hatch I’ll give the episode a 7.5/10.


-18.85 million viewers.  This was the mini season finale of the fall season, it doesn’t really mean much in the big scheme of things but they tend to make these episodes important.  And the viewership really matters because it’s November sweeps.  These are pretty decent ratings, they went up from the previous episode.


-Why did Ethan only want Claire?

-Why didn’t Kate hear Claire scream, while Jack did?

-Why can’t Charlie remember anything from the kidnapping?

-What was “it” that led Locke to The Hatch?

-What is the Hatch?

-Why is the beach eroding?

Character Impressions:


-Who’s the main character of the show?  This episode always makes me a little angry, I know the show is starring Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly but I always consider it an ensemble show and I give each actor equal importance in my mind as long as they are main characters.  This episode proves that that kind of thinking is wrong.  This is the 11th episode but it is already the second Jack flashback.  Matthew Fox is given a lot more air-time than any other actor on this show, I know that he probably has the most experience but come on his acting is not that great.  I think that Jack-Face is enough to prove that he isn’t a great actor (if you haven’t already, I recommend you go the the Jack-Face page on Lostpedia, it’s hilarious).

-The way they film Jack’s medical flashbacks always bother me.  After watching ER for so long I’ve become used to their way of filming and acting, with Lost it’s just one doctor doing everything and random, manic zooms all over the place to make you panic, I prefer ER’s scenes.

-Jack pulls a Fred from Scooby-doo, “let’s split up” for no apparent reason.  (Great, now I have the Scooby-Doo theme song stuck in my head.)

-Jack hears a phantom scream that sounded like it came from Claire, but Kate didn’t hear it.  Perhaps Jack has some kind of mental/psychic connection to Claire.

-I’m pretty sure Jack has one Blue/Grey eye and one brown eye in the scene where he is condemning his father in front of the hospital board.  Perhaps this represents his wishy-washiness when dealing with his father, the fact that he can never decide whether he should love of hate him.  (I always feel like Linus from Peanuts when I say Wishy-Washy.)


-I hate when Kate drops her ‘G’s.  I get that’s part of her “character” but you can tell she’s Canadian and it’s really hard for her to do any other kind of accent, so when she drops her “G’s it sound really really forced.

-If I was Kate I would have punched Jack in this episode, he is so annoying.  When they stop to take a rest from following Ethan, Jack immediately starts pushing Kate’s buttons.


-I was sure Charlie was dead in this episode.

-“I didn’t see anything, hear anything.  I don’t remember… anything.”  What’s with that.  Did Ethan drug both of them that badly, I can’t remember if that is ever explained.

-I don’t think Charlie was ever the same after being unconscious for so long, possibly he had minor brain damage.  I also think he was even more damaged when the Hatch imploded at the end of season two.


-Locke and Boone get together in this episode.  I think Locke needs someone like Boone around to keep him down to Earth, so he doesn’t become so involved in his “faith” that he loses track of reality.

-Boone mentions Red-Shirts, ironically, because at this point in the series that’s what he is.  As Sam Rockwell says in Galaxy Quest, “I’m the guy who dies to prove the situation is serious,”  (there’s a good movie, everyone watch Galaxy Quest.)




-Charlie: “All they wanted was Claire.”


-Michael was the original Paulo, he represented all the extras in the show, he was never involved in the main story (at least until he built the raft(s)) and he was outrageously annoying.


-“Maybe he was already on the island, there might be lot’s of people on the island.”  There’s some more surprising insight from the kid.

-Walt seems to always be able to get the dice rolls that he needs in Backgammon.  Walt’s step-dad says Walt is the luckiest person he ever met.  Again more proof that he has powers.  See below for a theory.






-Locke is pretty rough on Michael.  “We’re going North, I suggest you head South”, “Anyone else would just slow us down.”  Could the old white man be a little racist, or maybe he just saw that Michael was a douche-bag.

-“I hunted with Ethan, I spent time with Ethan, I never sensed anything was off.”  There’s another sign that Locke gets along splendidly with The Others.

-I love seeing how happy Locke is when he is telling Boone he worked at a box company.

-Locke tells Boone that someone will probably be able to take care of his business temporarily.  As if he hopes that Boone will get rescued.

-Locke loses the trail but he is guided to the hatch, by “It”.  “Don’t you feel it?”  I assume this is either fate guiding him , or Jacob telling him what to do.




-Hurley to Walt: “Back home I’m known as something of a warrior myself.”  Was this just a joke?   Did we ever find out what he meant about that?  I can always picture Hurley in some kind of American Gladiator arena or something like that.

-I wonder if Hurley gave Walt the $20,000 he owed him from backgammon.




-How did Ethan drag both Claire and Charlie away.  He wasn’t supposed to kidnap Claire, he was just supposed to make a list of the survivors and deliver it to Ben.  Did he convince Tom to help him?

-I enjoyed watching Ethan beating Jack up.

-Where and why do Others learn to fight?  Ethan, Ben and Juliet seem to have amazing hand-to-hand combat skills.


-“Her insides were a mess” in medical terms.

-Christian talks about “the greater good”.  This could be a sign about the kinds of things he’s willing to do, as a disciple of Jacob or maybe even a competitor, Christian could be very dangerous.  If he is willing to do anything for the greater good that means he would be willing to sacrifice anyone or anything.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-That would be one of the scariest things, landing on a tropical island, and then find out that current residents don’t greet you, they infiltrate your group and kidnap people.

-The music in the first season is awful, it’s constantly suspenseful.

-I truly believed Charlie was dead in this episode, I remember yelling at the TV, probably the first time I did that (not the last).  For me that was one of the most memorable season 1 scenes.  J. J. Abrams used the exact same story element in Mission Impossible 3.

-Somehow discovering there was a hatch seemed so much more important than finding out The Others wanted Claire.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-In the flashbacks we see Jack as a sensitive man who is easily swayed by others opinions.  On the island he is pretty much exactly like his father, he is ruthless in finding Ethan, he seems to be willing to do anything, without worrying about the consequences.

-Sawyer: “The tides coming up the beach, the plane hulls almost in the water.”  I had an old theory that I kept talking about for almost two years about how the Boxing Day Tsunami would one day hit the island and change everything.  It obviously never happened, but some people say since time moves differently on the island, when the “tide is eroding the beach all of the sudden this is the tsunami hitting the island.  That might be possible, if the writers were psychic, this episode aired on Dec. 8, 2004, the Tsunami hit on Dec 26, 2004 (or sometime near then, I can’t remember what day it was over there).  The point is, that this is impossible.  Unless I’m mistaken the writers never addressed the tsunami.

-I hate that the hatch moves.  They find it in a dry riverbed a long ways away from the beach, then it seems to move into the middle of the jungle and significantly closer to the beach.  Also I hate the fact that there is a back door, but I’ll get back to that in season 2.

-Walt in this episode seems to be slightly psychic but they also mention that he is very lucky and he seems to be able to conjure up anything that he wants simply by wanting it.  At one time I likened him to Jean Grey.The Phoenix, now I’m thinking he’s more like the infamous Scarlet Witch who could alter reality just by speaking hexes (I know this isn’t totally accurate, if you want the complete info on the Scarlet Witch go to her Wikipedia page, or google her or something).  Perhaps like the Scarlet Witch, Walt doesn’t really always have control of his powers.  In the Missing Pieces we see that The Others were really afraid of Walt and what he was doing.  Maybe his powers are limitless.  Kinda a scary thought.  Here is the Missing Pieces episode that Walt was involved in.

-Funny thing: I was at work (not working) editing this revlysis, and a grouse hit the window of my office!  I’m on the main floor, and everyone was on their lunches.  I go out to see it and it’s still alive, so I brought it down the street where there’s a little forest area, and let it walk into the shrubs.  It was wierd.  Perhaps I too have the powers of Walt… hmmm.  Of course the bird didn’t die, but there was a moment after when I just sat there thinking about it.  It really was a strange experience.

– Izi


2 Responses to “111 – All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues”

  1. 1 JEB
    August 4, 2008 at 11:54 pm

    it’s a pete townshend (the who) album. and yes, it is a tremendously terrible/offensive/tacky title.


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