112 – Whatever the Case May Be


The tone of this episode and all of the episodes after this one is different, after the original run of 11 episodes they changed the way they wrote and filmed the show.  The new style is a lot less dated, you can see in those early episodes that it was filmed in 2004, especially in the clothing.  But in the episodes after this one it seems like they created their own style so that the time difference isn’t really noticeable.

On to the story.  This story is pretty much useless, we have a flashback and an on island story that all lead to one thing, another future Kate flashback.  I actually tend to like Kate flashbacks, she led an interesting life.  And this one is no exception, we see interesting and entertaining things happen, but at his point it all seems so insignificant.  Nothing is accomplished this episode.  Also there is a severe anticlimax with the toy plane.  Therefore I give this episode a 3.5/10


-21.59 million people watched this episode.  These are the ratings that are completely inexplicable.  All of the sudden more than two million just started watching Lost.  It obviously wasn’t because this was a magnificent episode.  I think it was because ABC used to be smart.  Every Wednesday during the break between this episode and the last they reran old episodes.  Also they aired the newest Wednesday episode on the Saturdays after they originally aired, this way if you missed an episode you could easily catch up.  Nowadays they would never rerun a Lost episode (unless there’s a writers strike and they have nothing else to air).  I am all for the return of reruns, CBS does it and it works for them.  Instead of creating new awful Summer programming the networks should be trying to draw new viewers to shows like Lost.


-How and why did Kate kill the man that she loved?

-Again.  How does Rose know her husband is alive?

Character Impressions:


-Jack says he “needed” to bury The Marshall.  That’s the same thing he said about his father.  He outright killed The Marshall maybe he also thinks he is responsible for his fathers death.  Now that he’s buried The Marshall he can just get on with his life, but since he can’t bury his father he can’t progress through the problems his father introduced into his life.

-Jack threatens Sawyer into giving him the case.  Why does he not feel any guilt for torturing him or doing the same thing to him in the future.  Is the competition for Kate that important that he’d hurt Sawyer and maybe even threaten his life?  Apparently.


-I like Kate’s flashback, it’s very good as a stand-alone story.  It sort became its own TV show in “The Nine”.

-Kate gets over her man-pants phase (it took me at least 30 seconds to figure out how to spell phase, that’s embarrassing, I need to play some scrabble) and starts wearing tight pants all of the sudden.

-I wish Sawyer would teach Kate how to be a true con man or at least a better criminal, she has potential but she needs some training.

-OK I get that there’s emotional baggage and guilt attached to the toy plane but why go through so much trouble to get it back, in the flashback and on the island?

-Kate needs to learn to express herself better, being responsible for a persons death is different from killing someone.  Saying that you killed someone makes people a little wary of you, if she had told Jack the whole story he probably would have understood.


-See Rose.


-Boone gets a very murderous look in his eye when he sees Sayid with Shannon.


-Hey whaddya know Shannon was the one who started the gay jokes between Locke and Boone.  Good for her.




-“The only way you’re going to get into that case is with pure force, impact velocity.”  Everything Michael says annoys me so much.  I wonder why.








-Locke has way too much fun trying to get into the hatch.


-Sawyer can make any story more interesting.  Even in this extraordinarily dull episode he makes it interesting simply by manipulating a few people slightly.




-Suddenly Sayid doesn’t believe that he actually heard the voices.  He gets all evasive and dodgy when Jack asks about The Others.

-Sayid starts flirting with Shannon in this episode.


-Rose is back, finally.  And she comes back with a bang by lecturing a gloomy Charlie.  She also, unexpectedly reassures Charlie and helps him through his hard time.

-Rose starts talking about her husband being alive, she believes he is because of faith.  She is very similar to Locke in many ways, they were both healed by the island, they both want to stay there, and they both have an inexplicable amount of faith.  If she wasn’t a guest star she might actually become important.

-That was a very strange religious moment at the end of the episode with Rose and Charlie praying.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-I have never understood why Shannon couldn’t say that the movie with “Beyond the Sea” was Finding Nemo, it was made by Disney which owns ABC.

-When Kate pulled the toy plane out of the envelope I remember putting a huge amount of emphasis on it, I though it was so significant.  I don’t remember how I thought it worked but I was sure it was the reason why the plane crashed.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Everything is washing into the sea.  The beach is eroding.  This is clearly just an excuse for the crew to get rid of all the plane wreckage they have strewn around Hawaii.

-This episode introduces more guns into the show.  Which always makes the show more interesting.  There does seems to be an unlimited supply of guns around, have they ever actually run out of guns?

– Izi


3 Responses to “112 – Whatever the Case May Be”

  1. March 9, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    Thanks for visiting.

  2. March 14, 2011 at 11:42 am

    ”The only way you’re going to get into that case is with pure force, impact velocity.” Everything Michael says annoys me so much. I wonder why.

    Because it’s popular with the fan geeks to hate Michael?

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