113 – Hearts & Minds


Here’s yet another surprising episodes.  For some reason, when I think back to the first season I don’t recall this many good episodes, in fact I was really not looking forward to watching the first season again.  But apparently I was wrong.

This episode is about Shannon and Boone.  The flashback is rather dull, but on the island Locke makes things significantly more interesting by playing a mind game with Boone, and leaving him to the mercy of the island.  I’d say this episode deserves a 7.5/10.


-20.81 million viewers.


-What was the stuff that Locke put on Boone’s head?

-Was Shannon’s death all in Boone’s imagination?

-Why don’t compasses point North?

Character Impressions:




-Kate and Sun are starting their garden, a sure sign that they are settling in.  They were actually leading a pretty contented life on the island.

-Kate says she was going to Bali, but a twist of fate made her go to LA instead.  Was that just a lie or did she actually have a plan to escape to Bali and hide there.


-“If there was one person I would put my absolute trust into to save us all, it would be John Locke.”  (see below)


-Boone had a girlfriend back in the real world, before he went to Sidney.

-Boone says that Shannon is smart and special in a lot of ways.  Uuuhh.. nope.

-Boone has a vision while tied up involving Shannon being tied up too.  It is mostly attributed to the supposed drugs that Locke applies to the wound on the back of Boone’s head.  During the vision Smokey tries to take Shannon and attempts to get both of them until they hid in one of those tight tree grove things.  Later they are running again and Smokey pulls a tree out of the ground behind them.  Then it picks up Shannon with a lot of mechanical noises and kills her.  Boone later finds her very mangled and bloody body.  Of course Boone doesn’t know it was a vision until later.  But what really happened?  Locke: “Is that what it made you see” as if he saw something similar, possibly referring to the experience when he said he saw the heart of the island and it was beautiful.  “Time to let go”.  Maybe that’s what it’s all about, letting go.  (see below)

-Boone talking about Locke, “He’s the only one on the island who knows what he’s doing.”


-Was Shannon wrong to scam her brother into giving her money?  Once we see her flashback in season 2 it almost seems like she deserves any money she can get out of her stepmom.

-This episode has the strangest psychological scene when Shannon seduces Boone.  It’s just so disturbing for the viewer and for Boone, and they make it so much more uncomfortable with the music.








-Jin becomes the main provider on the island, during this episode.


-Kate discovers Sun speaks English.


-Locke tells Boone, “you don’t want to make an enemy of Sayid, we’ll need him on our side.”  What did he mean?  Later in the episode Locke gives Sayid his compass.  Was Locke perhaps thinking about establishing some sort of civilization on the island.  (see below)

-A lot about getting into the hatch in this episode.

-Locke doesn’t want to tell other people about The Hatch, he says their not ready yet.

-Locke’s methods are very confusing.  Why can’t he let people make their own decisions.  Does he really need to do crazy emotional and mental experiments so that people will agree with him, can’t he just talk like a normal person.


-We see Sawyer in the police station in Sidney.


-They gave poor Hurley digestive problems, that’s pleasant.

-Hurley to Jin, “Pee on my foot.”  Those two are pretty good for physical comedy.

-Hurley to Jin, “You sure you don’t speak English, cause there’s a rumor that you do… Your wife’s hot.”


-Sayid finds out that the compass doesn’t work, he says a magnetic anomaly might explain a few degrees off.  I thinks it’s safe to assume that the magnetic anomaly causing compasses to be wrong is The Hatch.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-I don’t believe that the paste that Locke smeared on Boone’s head caused the vision.  I tend to doubt that their is such things as topical hallucinogens (but I don’t really know anything about drugs).  I think that he really was just treating the wound on his head.  I believe the vision Boone had was Smokey and possibly Jacob testing Boone.  They tried to test Eko in the same way.  Obviously Boone passed the test.  Who knows what the test really means or how to pass it.  If Boone passed it by mourning his sister and realizing he’s better off without her, then why didn’t Eko pass when he told his brother that he forgives himself for what happened to his brother.  The two actions don’t seem related or similar.  Perhaps I have it wrong, maybe they do both go through the same experience.  Maybe Eko did pass the test the first time Smokey came to visit him.  There are similarities between their stories, they both see the monster once and on they both die soon after. You could argue that Boone was killed by the monster, Locke insists that he was “the price the Island demanded”.  I still don’t fully understand why either of the characters were killed (beside the fact that the actors wanted out of the show).

-When Locke is talking about Sayid, and when Charlie is talking about Locke, I go the feeling that Locke had some sort of plan to start something on the island, perhaps a new society, or more likely, a new religion.  He seems to be gathering followers, not necessarily as a ruler but as a prophet.  They way Charlie talks about him is almost with awe.  Boone too says that “he’s the only one who knows what he’s doing”, as if that’s all the authority he needs.  And Locke seems to be looking for potential in everyone, he’s not really concerned about what he can do for the group, he wants to know what people in the group can do (not necessarily for him, but for his cause).  He says that they’re “going to need Sayid”, and in the next episode he wants to keep Walt around because he’s different and special.  After a few seasons he pretty much gives up trying to get the survivors to join him and he moves on to The Others, where he ended up in season 3.  But you can see how he might have created a kind of cult on the island, worshipping The Island itself.

– Izi


2 Responses to “113 – Hearts & Minds”

  1. 1 Anon
    April 16, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    Did it pull at your heart strings a little when Locke said he wasn’t the most popular kid?

  2. March 14, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    Why can’t he let people make their own decisions.

    Because John Locke was a controlling prick. He was one of many controlling pricks on that show – including Jack Shephard, Sayid Jarrah, Ben Linus, and Charles Widmore. Now James Ford wasn’t a controlling prick. Perhaps he was a prick, but not a controlling one. However, I had noticed in Seasons 5 and 6 that it was very important to him that Jack followed his leadership. Why, I don’t know.

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