114 – Special


-This is probably the defining Walt episode.  We have surprisingly little info about him.  All we know is that he’s special and different and he can summon birds (or something).  So while half this episode is about poor Michale and how he was screwed by his girlfriend, the other half is building up the mythology behind Walt.

I am still curious about Walt, even four seasons after his powers were teased in this episode so I’ll give this episode a 6.5/10.


-19.55 million people watched this episode.


-Why can you see the Polar Bear and Walt’s breath (as if it’s cold)?

-Is Walt making the polar bears appear?

-How is Walt “Special”?

Character Impressions:


-Michael, “You listened to your dad when you were ten” Jack, “Yeah, maybe a little too well.”  Jack is so stubborn on and off the island that it’s hard to believe he would ever obey his father.




-I love the scene when Charlie is reading Claire’s diary and twirling his hair.


-It’s fun watching Boone ignoring Shannon’s manipulation.




-Claire had a repeating dream about the “Black Rock” that she couldn’t get away from, at least that is what she wrote in her diary.  I wonder if the writers had decided what they wanted the Black Rock to be at this point.

-Claire also returns in this episode, right at the end.  I always thought she was gone for more episodes, how unfortunate that I was wrong.


-Michael’s girlfriend looks like she has a glass eye or something.

-Michael is dead set on not letting Walt grow up on the island.

-Michael to Locke, “If you come near my son again, I’ll kill you.”  That’s a laugh and a half.

-Michael’s girlfriend looks like a black Shelley Long.

-It’s pretty depressing when Michael finds out none of his letters reached Walt.  Similar to Desmond and Penny.


-Walt learns how to throw knives by “seeing it in his mind’s eye.”  Just by

-Locke about Walt, “He’s different.”

-Walt’s stepdad, “sometimes when he’s around, things happen.  He’s different somehow.”

-Maybe Walt can change history.  Maybe he made the polar bears come to the island.  (see below)

-When Walt is talking about the bird in this episode, he gets a little angry because his mom and step-dad are ignoring him.  At the same time his mother is dying from a blood disorder.  Could he have accidentally killed his mother.  Very Pushing Daisies.  It wouldn’t be surprising if Walt was somehow cursed and those around him die or get sick, that seems to be what happens a lot, and it would explain why The Others were so afraid of him.

-In the scene when the bird hits the window, Walt is not at all effected by the bird dying.






-Locke starts out this episode by trying to train poor Walt.

-Why didn’t Locke try to rescue Walt from The Others.  Even if he felt some sort of connection to the Others, he probable felt a stronger connection to Walt, so why wasn’t he eager to get him back?




-Hurley about Michael, “He seems to hate it, hey?  Being a dad.”









Flashbacks (what we knew then):

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-The polar bears return in this episode, possibly so that we create a link between Walt and the Polar Bears.  I have had a theory about Walt for a while now, this is as good a place as any to write it.  I think that it’s possible that Walt changed history so that the Polar Bears are on the island.  I’m sure most of us had the theory that Walt summoned the bears with his “Special” mind, or something along those lines.  Most of us discarded that theory after it was obvious the the Polar Bears had been on the island for many years and had clearly not just appeared when Walt came.  What I’m thinking is that maybe Walt’s powers involve not necessarily creating something from nothing, maybe he can change the past so that things he thinks about come to pass.  So when he concentrated on the polar bears he changed the history of the Island so that Polar Bears were part of that history.  I’ll add this theory to my current theories page, and I’ll write it and elaborate on it so that it makes more sense.

– Izi


4 Responses to “114 – Special”

  1. 1 Rosie
    November 26, 2008 at 10:30 am

    One of my biggest complaints about Season 2 was that the Losties barely did squat to get Walt back. No wonder Michael resorted to deception and murder to do the job. I’m not condoning Michael’s actions, but I fully understand why he did it. Meanwhile, Locke, Jack and the Gang barely did anything. Well, Jack and Kate did hike to the spot where they had met Tom and the Others. And Jack yelled his head off to attract attentino. Which seemed meaningless and idiotic, looking back at that episode. But that was the extent of the Losties’ attempt to rescue Walt. And although I wish that Michael had never killed Ana-Lucia and Libby, I couldn’t care less about him leading Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley into the Others’ trap. As far as I’m concerned, they deserved it.

  2. November 26, 2008 at 12:05 pm

    I actually agree, the survivors never really give Walt enough attention. You’re right they ignore him in season 2, and they never even mention him in season 3 (well they do, but it’s never fully addressed).
    Even in season 4 when he returned, the only person to see him was Hurley. That was really sad. I wwas hoping that they’d bring him back to the island in season 5, but I haven’t heard anything about that. Although I really wouldn’t want to read any spoilers about that.
    – izi

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