118 – Numbers


I forgot that Rousseau came back so soon.  We get to see a good amount of her in this episode.  Michael decides that he wants to take a radio on his raft, so he needs bateries, so they need to find Rousseau to ask her for batteries.  Hurley finds out that Rousseau knew something about the numbers so he goes to look for her.  Also we get to see the initial problems that arise from Hurley’s use of the numbers. 

Overall a great episode.  We get to find out more about Rousseau, and we learn about the numbers which makes up the hidden mythology in season 2.  Good stuff.  8.0/10.


-18.83 million viewers


-Are the numbers cursed?

-Where do the numbers come from?

-Who was sending the radio signal out with the numbers?

-Why does the hatch have the numbers on the outside?

Character Impressions:


-Jack thinks that she wants to find Rousseau and ask for her batteries.  That would be the most useless confrontations ever.  Rousseau would get that far away look in her eye and then start talking about something in her past, it would be mystical and intriguing, Jack would then interupt her then start to laugh inexplicably and then say something like, “you don’t ecpect me to believe thatn, do you?”  And we would be left in the dark as to what she was going to say. I guess that’s why they never really inteact onscreen.










-Locke tells Claire that having her birthday close to her babies is good luck.  Did that work out?  I don’t think Claire or Aaron have any kind of good luck at all.










-I think Locke has a stronger chance at leadership simply because he’s nice to people.  For example in this episode he involves Claire by getting her to help him build a cradle.

-Locke may have had ulterior motives since he asks her questions about what happened to her when she was with Ethan.  I still think that he felt some sort of kinship towards Ethan.

Claire: “Do you believe in luck.”  Locke: “I believe in a lot of things.”  So does he believe in luck.  I doubt it, I’ll bet he believes too much in fate to think that people can have luck.




-Hurley has a brother Diego.  What happened to him?  Also, why is Hurley the only person to have a sibling.  Oh and Charlie has his brother.  Perhaps the sheer number of only children explains why there are so many neurotic characters.

-Hurley finds the wire on the beach.  You would think that Ben would want to hide it better, what if an Other found it and managed to follow it to the secret Dharma station.

-Hurley about to be hit by one of Rousseau’s traps: “I can get out of the way.  I’m spry.”

-Lenny says that Hurley needs to get far away from the numbers, cause they’ll never stop, they’ll keep coming back.  He says that Hurley opened a box.  Sounds like Pandora’s Box, maybe it is. 

-Hurley is mad that no one is even looking for the monster.  At least some one is thinking that.  Here’s another example of Hurley being our go between guy.  He really represents the feelings of the audience, he asks the questions we want answered.

-Hurley clearly feels invicible, or at least doesn’t care whether he lives or dies. (see below)


-Sayid found his picture of Nadia again.  That picture has been through a lot.


-Rousseau’s papers included a paper with the numbers written over and over.  Could that be why she has had such a terrible life?  She didn’t even know the numbers were cursed, until Hurley told her.  Perhaps the reason why she died was becuase she was about to be happy, she had found Alex and felt they were headed to safety, then bam, dead.  Maybe.

-Rousseau set her bunker to blow up if Sayid ever came back.  She then moved to a new hideout.  It amazes me that she has alternate places to live on this island which she doesn’t seem to know much about.

-Rousseau’s ship picked up the transmission of the numbers over and over.  They went towards the signal and shipwrecked on the island.  They searched on the island until they found the radio tower.  Some of the team, including Danielle, tried to search for the meaning of the numbers while they waited for rescue.  Then the sickness came, her team died.  She went back to the radio tower and changed the message to her distress signal.  When they go back to the radio tower in season 3 I’ll look for some kind of clue as to where the numbers came from. (I guess I could watch the episode right now, but that kind of negates the purpose of rewatching all the episodes.)

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-I’ve never liked the last scene of this episode, when they zoom in on the numbers on the outside of the hatch.  It’s very contrived and I dislike the sudden omniscience of the viewer.  That perspective is never used in this show, we always see it from one characters perspective, so when they show us things from no ones perspective it almost feels like cheating.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Hurley has the original Michael syndrome he knows he can’t/won’t die, so he can do anything.  For possibly different reasons because he used the numbers.  It’s hard to tell what he knows about his predicament.  HE seems to be willing to do anything with reckless abondon.  That could just be becuase he’s suicidal.  Maybe he realizes he can’t die, similar to  Michael, so he tries everything.  One would assume that since he’s obviously cursed by the numbers he would be more wary about tempting fate.

-They find a suspension bridge, I assume that it was built by The Hostiles, too old to be Dharma, or The Others. Once we actually see The Others, a suspension bridge, especcially such a decrepid one, seems incredibly out of place on the island.

-I wonder if we will ever find out who was speaking the numbers originally on the first transmission.  I don’t think we have any clues as to who it would be.  Maybe Richard, he was likely around back then.

-Has anyone used the numbers in the lottery?  I don’t gamble so I wouldn’t but I can see how it would be tempting or scary.  Then again I don’t believe in luck or curses either.  But from a psychological point of view it would be interesting to see the kind of person who would or wouldn’t use the numbers in the lottery, or anywhere else for that matter.

– Izi


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