121 – The Greater Good


This episode featured a pretty good backstory, Sayid was in an Alias episode.  He infiltrated a terrorist cell and got emotionally involved.  Meanwhile Shannon tried to kill Locke and Jack tried to beat him up. 

When you look at the whole season, this episode was just filler, in the new shortened seasons this episode would have been replaced with a conversation.  But there are two kinds of filler episodes, the bad ones where the story does a complete B-line to nowheresville, and the ones that are prolonged events.  For being one of the good filler episodes I’ll give it a 6.0/10


-16.53 million viewers.  I imagine the networks weren’t happy with this performance, this episode kicked off May sweeps, and for a sweeps episode it did pretty mediocre(ly?).


-Why did Locke hit Sayid over the head with a stick when he was triangulating Rousseau’s signal?

Character Impressions:


-I’m not really sure if everyone would be totally behind Jack if they saw him freak out on Locke.  He would be a much better leader if he took Locke secluded spot before he tried to bash his face in.  Ironically that’s exactly what he does in season 3 to Ben.

-After Locke gets grazed by Shannon’s bullet, Jack gives Locke a “You deserved worse” look, that’s cool.


-Kate makes me a little angry, she says that people are scared and confused and they need Jack to come back and lead them.  My personality type makes me want to take charge when other people don’t so it’s very annoying when I see people like Kate, or really anyone else on the island, not being willing to try to make a difference.

-Kate drugged Jack the same way she drugged her husband, she doesn’t seem to have too many tricks up her sleeve.


-Charlie: “No one is going to take this baby away from you Claire, no one.”  There’s some good ol fashion Lost irony.


-Aww it’s the last time I’ll be putting a Boone section in, maybe…  (There’s actually no reason to have it in this episode, I’ll just keep it in for nostalgic reasons.


-As soon as Locke asked Shannon to forgive him she went to Sayid and said, “Locke killed my brother, I need you to do something about that.” 

-Shannon with a gun is a very scary thing.






-Poor Walt looks so sad when Locke shows up at the funeral, giving all the excuses as to why Boone died.  And after when he is washing the blood off his shirt, Walt looks so scared of him.  Too bad that’s pretty much the last Walt sees of Locke (I think).

-Walt asks Michael about their raft trip, “What if a shark attacks?”  That turns out to be a good question.






-Locke really should have changed his shirt before he came back to the camp, the huge blood stains may have intimidated a few people..

-Locke to Shannon: “I know what it feels like to lose family.”  Was that in regards to his dad, or maybe his mom, or maybe Helen?  Or was he talking about someone in his foster family, maybe Jeannie his foster sister who fell and broke her neck.

-Locke and Sayid have a fun conversation involving a lot of double meanings and unnecessary subtlety.

-Locke confesses that he hit Sayid over the head while he was trying to triangulate the distress signal.  Locke says that he prevented them from tracking the signal because he didn’t want people to find the source of a distress signal that said “It killed them all.”  Was that the real reason?


-There’s some good comedy in this episode, they do a three men and a baby segment, with good ol Sawyer with the best luck pacifying the baby.  Sawyer is a sitcom some days.




-Sayid went to Sidney to work for the CIA and the Australian intelligence agency, they promised to help him find Nadia.  Good to know, I always forget why people were in Australia.

-Hey Sayid is a Muslim back in this episode, I always laugh in season 3 when he starts praying on the sailboat, it’s like he just remembered he had a religion.

-Uh-oh the terrorists were playing first person shooters, so that’s the cause of terrorism, good to know.

-Sayid senses that Locke might be the best chance of surviving on the island.  Then he demanded that Locke take him to the hatch.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-I hate when people get grazed by bullet but fall over like they’ve been shot in the face.  Locke did it in this episode, and they did the same thing in Pineapple Express, and it just feels like cheating.

Flashforwards (what we know now):


– Izi


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