122 – Born to Run


Kate indirectly and semi-accidently poisons Michael.  Locke shows The Hatch to Sayid and Jack, and for the first time we hear fro the perspective of those who don’t think it’s a good idea to get into it.  Walt confesses to his dad that he burnt the first raft, he also warns Locke not to open The Hatch.

This episode is similar to a few others, since it is the last episode before the premiere it tries to tie up a lot of loose ends and sets up some serious conflict for the finale.  This episode also answers a few questions about Kate, not the big one, but that hardly matters anymore.


(Keep reading for some Walt theorizing and more about The Hatch.)


-16.60 million viewers.


-Why did Kate’s mom not want to see her?

-What was written in Kate’s letter?

Character Impressions:


-Jack is mad at Locke for not telling him about The Hatch, Locke says that Jack didn’t tell anyone about the case of guns.  It’s pretty much a stalemate, but it leads to the basic question, why is Jack the leader instead of Locke?


-Everyone learns in this episode that Kate was the fugitive, but unfortunately for Kate, she doesn’t tell them what she did.  It would be so much better for Kate if she just told people what she did, that way people wouldn’t be so suspicious of her every move.

-Here’s some classic Lost trickery, Kate with blonde hair.  But I’d recognize that uh.. well let’s just say it was obvious for most of the male viewers.

-Near the beginning of Kate’s flashback she is reading a letter and she starts crying, what was that about, I don’t reacall any letter being important to her story.

-That would be an incredibly confusing situation for poor Kate, does she want to get off the island?  Will they forgive her if she is a hero?  Will they just lock her up?  Could she escape if she got to land first?

-Kate has fallen in love a lot.  I believe the current count is four.  Tom, her childhood friend; Kevin, her former husband; Jack; and Sawyer.


-Charlie called it, he said that Driveshaft’s records would spike once they found out he died in a plane crash.  Naomi says that’s exactly what happened, too bad Charlie never got to enjoy the success.






-Michael talking about going back to save everyone on the island after they get rescued, “Finding it might be hard.”  That’s for sure.  I wonder if after he really did leave, if he put any effort into finding the Island, probably not.


-Oh good Walt talks to Locke, that’s fortunate, I thought that Walt would think that Locke killed Boone up until he left on the raft.

-When Locke touches Walt, Walt gets a scared look on his face and tells Locke, “Don’t open it.  Don’t ope it Mr. Locke, don’t open that thing.  Just don’t open it.”  See below.

-Walt confesses that he burnt the raft.  Michael comes attempts to let Walt stay on the island, but Walt insists that they have to leave.






-Locke asked Sayid to bring Jack to the Hatch.  That was a big mistake, all Jack did was complicate matters.  I guess Locke was just trying to earn Jack’s trust but I don’t think it is really worth the amount of hardship that it brought upon Locke.


-Yet again Sawyer beats Kate at her own game, which is actually his game too.

-Sawyer says he has to be on the raft “because there ain’t anything on this island worth staying for.”  I guess it’s good that he’s not so desperate for Kate to like him that he’s willing to wait forever for her to get over Jack, but you’d think that he would see the benefit of staying on the island, away from the society which hates him so much and which makes him hate himself.


-After accidentally telling Locke that Kate was the fugitive, “How am I supposed to know who knows what around here?”  Yet again Hurley is expressing our feelings.


-Sayid really doesn’t want to get into The Hatch, he’s worried about what could be inside, likely he thought of the quarantine thing too.


-Arzt is depressing to watch now that we know that he was just making all that stuff about the weather up.  I’m so glad he died, he would have been very annoying.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-I remember being really freaked out when Kate took the toy airplane out of the time capsule.  I almost expected her to pull a gun out and kill her childhood boyfriend.

-I like the actress who plays Kate’s mom but I’ll always think of her as Zelda from Sabrina: The Teenage Witch.  BTW in case your new to my blog you might want to see my theory about Kate’s mom, I believe that she is Annie from Ben’s flashbacks.  See here.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-After Walt warns Locke not to open The Hatch, it occurred to me what’s going on there.  I  believe the island was trying to stop Locke from wasting his time.  The Island, or maybe even Jacob, tried to draw Locke’s attention away from The Hatch.  It even tried to bring him to the Pearl which would have showed him what the Hatch really was.  It’s not that opening The Hatch would release a disease, or some kind of evil onto the world or the island, it would just waste Locke’s time.  Locke could have spent his time learning about the real mysteries of the island, like the healing factors, or Smokey, or he could have gone to The Others, but he was distracted by The Hatch, and spent a whole season in front of a computer.

-This episode brings up the question about Walt’s powers again, he appears to have some psychic abilities, he can sense the danger of opening the Hatch.  Or maybe he is just being used by The Island.  I believe that is more likely, in a similar way that Locke and Ben are used by the island to pass on the will of the island, through Jacob, Walt here appears to speak for the island.

– Izi


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