123 – Exodus (part 1)



Rousseau shows up and tells everyone that The Others are coming to steal Aaron.  Black smoke appears on the horizon to announce their intentions.  They launch the raft.  There are a lot of emotional good-byes.  Rousseau talks a lot about her dealings with The Others and she even gives us a very big clue as to what Smokey is.

I love the way they did flashbacks in this episode.  I wish every season finale could have this kind of flashback, with everyone getting one flashback, it makes for a very balanced episode.

I’d say this episode gets 8.0/10

(Note: I’m splitting up the season finale in a strange way.  It was aired as a two part finale, with the first part being 1 hour and the second being two hours, I am going to split it into three revlysis’.)


-18.62 million viewers.  Pretty good for a season finale, it went up 2 million from the week before.


-How did the Black Rock get into the middle of the island?

-What happened to the pirates on the Black Rock?

Character Impressions:


-Jack gave Sawyer a gun to protect the people on the raft, from some unseen threat.

-It’s unfortunate that Jack couldn’t find some peace after he found out his father was sorry and regretful.


-The Marshall told Kate that he put the toy plane in a safety deposit box, he was trying to provoke her into coming out of hiding.








-Michael has his shining moment, “No, no, This one goes there, that one goes there.”  Good ol Star Wars.

-Michael gives Sun a very awkward hug.


-It’s actually nice to see how the relationship between Walt and Michael has improved, from before the plane crash to this point.

-Vincent tries to swim out to Walt on the raft.


-Aaaw, poor Jin says he’s sorry to Sun, he thinks he’s on the island because of the way he treated Sun.




-I think Locke has a crush on Rousseau, he keeps giving her sly looks.

-Locke had nothing he wanted to put on a note for the bottle.  I wonder if he forgets about Helen after a while.

-When Locke hears Smokey he doesn’t look scared at all and he tells Huyler to stop moving.  Can Smokey only see movement or something?


-Sawyer headbutted the minister of Agriculter, Forestry and Fisheries of Australia, in a bar fight.

-Sawyer got deported and was banned from ever going back to Australia.  He then said he’s never going back to Australia ever again.  I hope that isn’t some kind of foreshadowing, or irony.

-Sawyer tells Jack about his father.  That was pretty merciful of him.  Sawyer said a good metaphor: “Kids are like dogs, you bash around enough, they start thinking they deserve it.”  He also tells Jack that Christian said he was sorry for putting Jack through this, and that he was proud of him.


-Hurley told Charlie that he couldn’t look at the note he put in the bottle.  What was this big mystery, did he write the numbers on it or something.

-Hurley: “I think Leslie is a bitchin name.”


-Sayid suddenly pulls a radar out of his ass.  Hey look what I found guys, use it on the raft.


-This was a very good character introduction.  I liked Ana-Lucia, Michelle Rodriguez is a pretty rough female character, which is what the show needed. 

-I like that they made it obvious that she was at the very back of the plane.

-As unlikable as Ana-Lucia becomes, she started pretty well.  They couldn’t have made it more obvious that she was going to become a Jack love interest.  See below.


-Rousseau shows up extremely early in the morning, with a rifle, that’s a good way to make new friends.

-“The Others are coming.”  Rousseau is nothing more than a fear mongerer.

-Rousseau delivered her baby on her own, after only one week they came and took Alex.  I’ll bet that story will be disproven, I really doubt that The Others, or Ben, came after two weeks.

-Jack says that Rousseau probably isn’t playing with a full deck, I think he’s right.  I would rather believe Ben’s version of what happened to her crew instead of Rousseau’s.

-Rousseau had never seen anything like The Hatch.  She knew the island inside and out, how could she not find that Hatch, or any of the other ones?  She is completely crazy.

-Rousseau really screwed up the survivors perception of The Others.  See below.

-The Others were very good at manipulating Rousseau and the survivors, they started the black smoke to confuse and distract them.  And it worked very well.

-When Smokey was chasing them, Rousseau knew to go into one of those bamboo-like groves, where the branches or stocks are really close together.  That seems to work in season three, when Kate and Juliet are running from it too.

-Rousseau says that Smokey is a security system, it’s job is to protect the island.


-Arzt was asking to get blown up, he came because he knew how to handle old dynamite.

-Arzt is the person who initiates the attack of Smokey.  He leaves the main group and when he comes back he is being pursued by Smokey.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-Why is there only ever one flare?  In every movie or TV show there is always only one flare, just once I’d like to see a box of flares.

-I remember being so excited when Michelle Rodriguez showed up, it was pretty obvious that she was joining the show.  That is one of my favorite things, when shows add new castmembers.  Maybe that’s why I love ER and Boston Legal so much.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Rousseau is crazy and afraid of The Others.  Since she was the first person the survivors had contact with they sided with her, but she is most definately crazy.  She hated The Others so she encouraged fear of them among the survivors.  Two seasons later the survivors are still hostile towards them.  Imagine if the they could have formed their own opinions of The Others, likely it would have been pretty bad anyways but maybe not so fearful.

-Why did The Others use the Black Smoke?  It really isn’t like them to warn people that they are coming.

-What is the dark territory?  It only seems to be refered to in the first season, and it is never really explained.  If it is The Others land then why so they need to claim it, why didn’t they just claim the whole island.  It could be where Smokey primarily lives.

-In both season 2 and 3 the writers have tried to introduce a new love interest for Jack.  Each time it failed, but I think this is a sign that they really don’t want Jack to end up with Kate. 

– Izi


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