A Lack of News

You may notice that I am not posting a lot of the recent Lost news.  I’ve decided to ignore it, I’m reading it, but I don’t see any reason to post it.  If you want to stay up to date on Lost news you can visit almost any of the sites on the right.  I recommend sticking with DarkUFO, they are one of the biggest and quickest site but I personally recommend the Lost News Network, they have a beautiful oft-updated site.

Here’s what I have planned, at least for the next few months

I will post any official announcements, if they are relevent. 

I won’t post any spoilers that come up because of the filming of new episodes, I won’t even read them, so don’t send them to me. 

I won’t talk about the ARG, Dharma Wants You or Octagon Global Recruiting, I am half-heartedly joining in on them but it’s not really what I want to talk about on this blog.  If there are any revelations from the ARG I will probably talk about them, but I doubt there will be.

I will continue to post my Revlysis’.  I am currently way ahead of schedule, so I am slow to respond to anyones comments I apologize, I’m just busy doing other things.

I will continue posting Foreign Theories, as long as they are good.

I may ramp up my hijacks, because I want to recommend some new and returning shows to everyone.  But we’ll see, that may be an empty promise.

Keep reading, and feel free to comment.

– Izi


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