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You may notice some new pictures in the sidebar to the right.  I’ve added some of my more popular theories over there, so that they are easier to get to.  I’ve been noticing that I get more traffic on my Current Theories page than anywhere else, so I hope this makes my site more efficient.  Remember that these aren’t my only theories, so check out the original page, which I have still been updating regularly.

If you haven’t checked any of these theories out, here’s your chance.

– izi


Top 50 OMGWTF Lost moments

I just fount his blog, The Ack Attack, and I wanted to share it with everyone.  Rhe writer is hilarious.  recently she posted a great list of the top 50(ish) crazy moments of Lost, you can check it out here.  It’s definately worth the click.

– izi


212 – Fire + Water


Charlie snaps and loses complete hold on reality.  He tries to “save” Aaron, a word that here means kidnap during the night.   He also has a flashback about a piano.  Also Hurley finally starts wooing Libby, she gets a little worried because he also mentions that he recognizes her from somewhere.

This episode is useless.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Charlie is a waste of space.  After season one and his infamous line, “Where are we?” he fulfills his purpose and should have been downgraded to a recurring guest along with Claire.  They’re only there for filler episodes and it shows.  They never progress as characters they only cause struggle between each other.

Completely useless 0/10.0 Continue reading ‘212 – Fire + Water’


Hijack: New Shows (Sept 28-Oct 4, 2008)

More shows to watch:

Little Britain USA

Sunday, Sept 28, HBO

Little Britain was outrageously funny. The characters created on that show are just too much.  I have no doubt that this show won’t catch on here in American, but I’m telling you, you’re missing out.


Monday Sept 29, 8pm, NBC

I still don’t know what it is about Chuck that I love, but I can’t stop watching it.  The show is funny, but not hilarious, the story is good but not great, the characters are fun but to wonderful.  This is the kind of show that I would have watched when I was younger, maybe that’s why I like it.

This season should be interesting.  They technically don’t need Chuck anymore.  And if he’s nothing more than an obsolete computer, does that mean they’re going to chuck him?  (ha ha, that was funny, you have to admit.) 

They have a cavalcade of guest stars this season including Tony Hale (Buster from Arrested Development), that should be enough to get you to watch.  And in some perfect casting, they are getting Morgan Fairchild to play Captain Awesome’s mom, now that is hilarious (they’ll look like an Old Navy commercial).

Pushing Daisies

Wednesday, Oct. 1, 8pm, ABC

This show is glorious, I didn’t give it enough attention last year while it was on.  This year I’m changing that, I’m making sure everyone knows how good this show is.  The delivery of this show is a miracle.   It’s like someones imagination on the screen. 

Not only is the show beautiful, but the acting is great.  All of the characters have little quirks that work so well.  Sure they all talk a mile a minute, but that’s what makes the episodes so wonderfully dense.

If you haven’t seen this show then I definitely recommend it.  I actually believe that it should be on before or after Lost to offset the intensity of Lost.

– Izi


211 – The Hunting Party


Michael finally leaves, thank god, and some people go off trying to get him to come back.  The tension between Kate and Jack is ratcheted up some more.  And we see jack mess up his marriage in flashbacks.  So she leaves and that’s sad.  There is also a strange story about a beautiful woman and her father who come to jack thinking he is some sort of miracle worker, but he isn’t.

On a brighter note, we got to see some more of The Others.  So that was fun.  5.0/10

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210 – The 23rd Psalm


We get to see what kind of life Eko had, and it was a doozy.  The poor guy has had the most dramatic life out of any of the people on the island.  His flashback was insane.  His on-island actions were amazing.  He got to come face to face with Smokey, we even got to see inside Smokey.  Over all this storyline was great.

Unfortunately there were some side stories.  We also had to watch Michael learn how to use guns and start to plan his misguided attempt to save his son.  Also Charlie wasted some more time by struggling through his heroin addiction, the difference is, this time I don’t care.

But for such a great flashback and some of the best scenes with Smokey I’ll give this episode 7.5/10.0

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Recruiting (part 3)

The third way to watch Lost during the hiatus is through the internet.

The ABC network has kindly and fortunately allowed Lost episodes to be streamed for free on their website.






You lucky Americans (again) have the ability to download episode of Lost on your Xboxen.  Unfortunately I can’t provide you with a link, but you should be able to find it pretty easily on the Marketplace.


It disgusts me that I’m advising the general public to give Apple money but you can download Lost episodes on iTunes, so go ahead and do that.

Unfortunately there is not (legal) way to watch Lost online in Canada, so that’s too bad…

As for illegal ways, you can always (not) try using torrent sites like mininova or the piratebay, and torrent programs like bittorrent or utorrent.  Obviously you shouldn’t use such illegal ways though.  Its better to watch the show on or to buy the DVDs.

– Izi

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