Season 1 in review

So I’m finaly done season one.  Thank god.  I can’t say that it is my favourite season, or that I want to watch all of these episodes in a row ever again.  The good news is that I came up with a few new theories.

First of all I want to collect all of the episodes into one place.  I also want to list the rating I gave each episode.  So here’s the list:

101 – Pilot (1) – 8.5
102 – Pilot (2) – 9.5
103 – Tabula Rasa – 4.0
104 – Walkabout – 10.0
105 – White Rabbit – 9.0
106 – House of the Rising Sun – 3.5
107 – The Moth – 4.0
108 – Confidence Man – 7.5
109 – Solitary – 8.0
110 – Raised By Another – 7.0
111 – All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues – 7.5
112 – Whatever the Case May Be – 3.5
113 – Hearts and Minds – 7.5
114 – Special – 6.5
115 – Homecoming – 4.0
116 – Outlaws – 4.5
117 – …In Translation – 0.0
118 – Numbers – 8.0
119 – Dues Ex Machina – 9.0
120 – Do No Harm – 1.5
121 – The Greater Good – 6.0
122 – Born to Run – 7.5
123 – Exodus (1) – 8.0
124 – Exodus (2) – 8.0
124 – Exodus (3) – 9.5

Therefore the average rating for this season is about 6.5  slightly above average, who knew I had such a mediocre perception of this season, actually I did, but that’s beside the point. 

I was pleasantly surprised by a few episodes in this season.  I had forgotten why Walkabout and White Rabbit were so good until I watched them again.  If you haven’t watched them in a while I really recommend that you do. 

I was also very surprised at how much I hated certain characters.  After White Rabbit, and the news that Jack’s character was going to change in season five, I was really going to try to start liking Jack.  But as time goes by I can’t help but hate the guy.  He drives me nuts.  Also Charlie, halfway through The Moth I was ready to start fast-forwarding (I didn’t).  And Sun and Jin made me want to shoot myself, but I’ve always felt like that, so that’s no surprise.

As for new theories this season, I can’t really go into every one, there were a lot.  But there were some overarching themes that I want to talk about.

First is the direction season one took.  The purpose of season 1 was to introduce the characters.  We saw how they were in their old lives and how the island changed them.  In most cases it gave people a second chance for a happy life.  The flashbacks were mostly to show us either a parallel in the characters behavior or a contrast in their actions.  I now feel that they probably should have stopped doing character driven flashbacks after season one.  They completely explored everyones psyche so any more character study just gets tiresome.  They attempted to solve that problem in season 2 by adding new characters, but you can see how the quality of the flashbacks really went downhill.

The second large theory about season one is Locke’s destiny.  As soon as Locke gets on the island he senses that he has a special destiny there, and he truly does.  But what was it?  Was it to get into The Hatch and press the button?  No.  I believe that Locke was going against fate in his mission to get into The Hatch and in all of his struggles down there in season 2.  The Hatch was nothing but a distraction from Locke’s real destiny, to meet Jacob and lead The Others.  When you look at what happened it’s nearly obvious.  Locke had such a hard time getting into The Hatch because he wasn’t meant to.  The island tried to guide him to the truth, Yemi’s plane landed right on The Pearl, which would have shown Locke the truth about The Hatch.  Locke even began to lose the use of his legs when he fought against fate.  If you don’t believe me rewatch Dues Ex Machina and Exodus part 2 (and 3).

I also have a theory about Jack.  It mostly came from White Rabbit.  Go there to read the full theory.  I believe that Jack is being guided into a leadership role by Christian, the ghost version.  Whereas Jocob is guiding Locke to that same role.  So far Jacob is winning, but I foresee Christian getting the upperhand in season 5.

Also I just noticed that I forgot to update my Current Theories page.  Way back when I reviewed episode 114- Special, I came up with a theory that explained what exactly Walt’s powers were.  Unfortunately I was quick smart enough to actually link to it anywhere.  So it’s there now.  Check ‘er out.

Stay tuned for season 2, which starts on Tuesday (I’m doubly excited).

– Izi

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