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201 – Man of Science Man of Faith


They opened The Hatch, they saved Aaron, The Others probably aren’t coming, what now?  Locke wants to go into The Hatch so he sends Kate down first.  He then follows and Jack after him.  They find Desmond (my favorite character) who is quite hostile.  Shannon, meanwhile, stubles upon Ghost Walt who doesn’t have much to say to her.  I still don’t know what that was about.

Best opening scene ever.  Unfortunately the episode quickly turns into a dark boring series of events.  It’s obvious that season two was meant to have a good pace, they didn’t want to start out with a bang because the next few episodes would seem like a disappointment, but you have to admit that nothing really happens in this episode.

6/10.  I want to give this episode a 10 for the first scene but I also want to give it a 1 for the rest of the scenes, so I’ll settle for a medium.  Also, while I enjoyed Jack’s flashback (more than any of his others) it seems pretty much irrelevent because he doesn’t learn anything from it.

(Note: I’m reorganizing the characters in order of who I like most to who I dislike most.  I’ll try to keep recurring characters at the bottom still.  Also I’m getting rid of the questions and ratings sections, simply because the questions are usually already answered or irreleventm and you can check out the ratings on my ratings page here.  I’ll definately bring back the ratings section and maybe the questions section when season 5 starts.)

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