202 – Adrift


We go back down The Hatch in this episode.  The portions in the hatch are a lot more exciting and informative from Locke and Kate’s perspective.  Unfortunately we spend half the episode dwelling on Michael and how sad it is that Walt is gone.  Foretunately the last scene is glorious, when The Tailies come down the beach with their spiked sticks and clubs it is so wonderfully forboding.

For some unknown reason they chose to have a Michael fashback in the second episode.  This was truly, one of the most useless Lost flashbacks.  We already knew that Michael lost Walt to his girlfriend.  They decided to redo that storyline, this time with lawyers.  It accomplished nothing, it just made MIchael seem weaker, if that was possible.

This episode was about two thirds good but one third very bad so I’ll give it 6/10.

Character Impressions:


-Desmond’s first line to Locke was, “Are you him?”  No wonder why Locke thinks he’s so special.

-Poor Desmond, when Locke tells him that they were flying from Sidney to LA, he’s surprised to hear that there’s an outside world.  It would be so easy to believe that the world has been destroyed when you live in a hole in the ground for years.  If you look at the picture to the right you can see all the marks for all the days Desmond and or his partner were down there.  That would be extraordinarily depressing to walk by that wall every day.

-Desmond asks if anyone has gotten sick yet.  (see below)






-Sawyer, “It’s only a shark.”  I wonder if he truly thought that it could be something worse. 

-Sawyer insists on going into the water when there’s a shark around.  Somehow even while I rewatch him in the water I get really nervous.  I guess this could be attributed to my unhealthy fear of deep water.

-Sawyer says a boat like the one The Others were using wasn’t meant for the open ocean.  Wasn’t that the same one they gave to Michael?


-How could Kate not figure out Locke’s plan in the first place?  he makes Desmond tie her up instead of him and she gets all emotional, thinking that Locke is betraying her.

-Kate gets to eat a chocolate bar in this episode.  I wonder if Evangeline Lilly ever questions some of the things she has to do.  This scene in particular is pretty contrived and doesn’t really have a purpose other than to see Kate in a blissful state.


-Locke is hilarious, the first thing he does when he gets into The Swan is to take his shoes off.  (I’m going to call it The Swan after this, because it’s more than a hatch after this point.)

-Locke is very hesitant to press execute on the computer.  Maybe he sensed the hold it would have on him.  It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t trust his instincts more.

Ana Lucia



















-This is the episode in which the whole WAAAALT thing became unbearable.  Ironically it’s the second episode in which Michael says it.

-Michael gets pretty ridiculous early on, he blames Sawyer for what happened to Walt and the raft becuase he “made him fire the flare”.  I get that he’s supposed to be hysterical because his son was just kidnapped, but let’ be a little reasonable.

Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-I never would have seen the Dharma sign on the shark if it wasn’t pointed out to me. 

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-This is the first episode where we learn about Dharma.  Locke sees The Swan symbol and poor Sawyer and Michael are harassed a little by the Dharma shark.

-I was thinking about Desmond’s fear of “the sickness” and about the quarantine.  Perhaps during The Purge one of the people in The Swan went out and died, becuase it’s pretty illogical to just blindly believe that you can’t go outside, surely someone would have questioned that, or experimented.

-I wonder is Jacob (or Horace) was ever one of the button pressers in The Swan, I could see how that would cause a dislike of machines.  Especially if it was discovered that it was a social experiment.

– Izi

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