203 – Orientation


We find out a lot about Desmond in this episode.  We see the picture of him and Penny, surprisingly, and he tells them a little about his time in The Swan. 

Desmond also gives Jack and Locke the Orientation.  Though that orientation we get our first glimpses at the Dharma Initiative.  During season 2 we learn a little about Dharma, but we should be paying special attention to Dharma now because it will be the focus of season5, apparently.

We also learn about Lockes past.  We meet the real Helen (Katey Segal!)  And we see that his father issues are very long lasting.  The flashbacks in season two are much less important than the season 1 flashbacks but I think that Locke’s are still pretty good.  For some reason I never get tired of watching Locke struggle through life.

On the other side of the island, Sawyer, Michael and Jin are being tested by The Tailies.  Of course I love that.

This episode is one of the most important episodes in the season, I feel it is more important than the premiere episode (of season 2).  9.5/10.0 

Character Impressions:


-That would be extremely scary for Desmond when he saw that he shot the computer.

-Can you imagine how screwed up you would be if you only slept for 100 minutes at a time. 

-Jack saw the picture of Desmond and Penny.  It’s amazing that they had already cast Penny way back here.


-It’s pretty sad when Hurley finds all the food, the poor guy.

-Poor Hurley, why does he always have to be there to see the numbers, he doesn’t need that kind of stress.  He almost goes crazy when Locke is inputting the numbers.




-Why does Sawyer always have to get hurt?  Michael never gets a scratch, meanwhile Sawyer got shot in the shoulder, then he gets bashed in the face, then he nearly gets stabbed by Eko’s machete.


-Kate gets to discover all the exciting rooms in The Swan, she finds all the food and the room with the guns.

-Whoa, Desmond told Kate about the backdoor of The Swan, way back in this episode.  I always thought that it was a big afterthought.


-This is Helen’s first episode.  Huzzah!

-Helen says she wasted 20 years of her life being angry.  Who knows what that means.  Maybe Helen is Annie!  Not likely, that would be fun, but it’s extremely unlikely.

Locke, “This isn’t what was supposed to happen.”  I believe that’s true, Locke wasn’t meant to be in The Swan.

-Locke tries his best to save Jack, he asks him to have faith in him and press the button.

Ana Lucia

-Ana Lucia is pretty good at being an undercover cop.  Also I like her boots




-Eko makes for a very threatening supposed Other, jsut look at his attempt at Jack-face, also look at the microphone on the left.








-Jack is pretty hostile towards everyone.  I’m sorry all Jack fans but this is getting ridiculous, he hasn’t done anything normal in a long time.





Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-I would love to visit The Swan set.  It would be pretty amazing.

-i wonder how many people, like Locke and I, rewound their tape of Lost so that they could watch the orientation film again.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Desmond shot the comouter, was fate trying to stop Locke from using the computer.

-So there are five orientation films.  Pierre still has his arm in the Swan one. 
I believe that initially The Swan was a social experiment but after someone screwed witht he magnetic properties under the station they installed the button and it started to perfor a use. 
The Degroots seem pretty normal, I find it pretty hard to believe that they will recast the roles.
Alvar Hanso is pretty scary in the video.  He’s pretty much just a shadowy figure at the head of the company.

-Once we find out what happened to the poor Tailies, the way they treat Jin, Sawyer and Michael makes complete sense.

– Izi

4 Responses to “203 – Orientation”

  1. September 8, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    Hi Izi!

    Reading the section on Jack reminded me of the Season 2 Extras Disc 7, ” Secrets Fromthe Hatch”. Damon Lindelof talks about how the hatch has a “Jeckle and Hyde” quality. They designed it so ” You are one person outside of the hatch and once you get inside of it you become another person. It forces other aspects of your personality to manifest, just by virtue of what you have to do there.”
    He talks about how the hatch affects Jack, when Sayid is beating up Henry Gale, in how far is he willing to go just to test his own inner struggle with “faith” and “reason”.

    “The hatch brings out the worst in you. The hatch in many ways represented ‘The devil has arrived on the island and is going to give you exactly what you want.” “It is a Faustian sort of deal because when you make a deal with the devil, (Ex: Locke wanting a purpose) it’s doesn’t turn out how you’d thought it would be. And now you’ve got to deal with it. ”

    It is an interesting extra to watch, in light of watching Season 2 again, from the writers’ perspective.

  2. September 8, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    You know, I’ve never had a chance to watch any of the DVD extras. I spend so much time lending my DVDs to other people, to get them caught up, that I never have them at my house.
    Soneday I’ll watch all the extras.
    – izi

  3. September 11, 2008 at 6:21 am

    seriously, didn’t watching the Dharma films have a Twilight Zone esque type to it. Perhaps it is the writers paying homage to Rod Serling.

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