Foreign Theories/Lost link: Grassy Knoll Institute

I just discovered another Lost blog on WordPress.  The blog is called Grassy Knoll Institute and apparently the writer(s) likes conspiracy theories and Lost.

They have done a lot of blogging about Lost in the past.  They have been blogging since season one, and my hat is off to them for that.  Over that time they have developed some seriously strong and well thought out theories.  The two that I have noticed so far are the Virtual Reality Theory and his Twilight Zone theory/parallel.

I strongly disagree with the Virtual reality theory but it is very well done, and I love that he continues to promote it in every review that he does.  He explained to me how he came up with it and it really does make sense.  But it just hurts me to accept it as the truth.  If you want to read about his Virtual Reality theory, just skip down to the archives below and then look around in them, he has references to it everywhere.

Their other theory isn’t actually a theory it is more of a pop-culture reference.  He is a big fan of The Twilight Zone, and he sees many parallels between Lost episodes and Twilight Zone episodes.  I never really watched The Twilight Zone, so I wouldn’t have seen any references or similar storylines between them.  Here are some of the Twilight Zone posts that he recommended to me:
Twilight Zone Connection
Old Man In the Cave
Walking Distance
Damn Dirty Ape
Don’t Fear the Reaper
If I Could Turn Back Time

And all of you should check out his extensive archives of Lost posts here.

– Izi


1 Response to “Foreign Theories/Lost link: Grassy Knoll Institute”

  1. September 11, 2008 at 6:12 am

    Thank you so kindly for the link and nice words about my Lost site. I am having fun with it. I realize that my theories are farfetched, and more than likely not correct, but nonetheless, I press on.

    The next stop at the sign post up ahead….

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