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Hijack: New Shows (Sept 13- Sept 20, 2008)

Since we’re heading into fall and the networks are airing new and returning shows, I thought I’d tell everyone what I’m watching and recommend that you watch these same shows.  I would have done this last week, but Fringe was the only new/returning show that I watched.


Pilot encore: Sunday, Sept 14, 8pm, FOX

New episode: Tuesday, Sept 16, 8pm, FOX

I know that I just said that Fringe came out last week, but FOX is having an encore tonight at 8pm.  So if you missed it last Tuesday you can catch it tonight. 

The show is great.  It is essentially a scientific approach to The X-Files.  The cast does surprisingly well, and the storylines are very engaging.  It’s not Lost, and it doesn’t try to be.


Thursday, Sept 18 8pm, The CW

I am very excited for this show.  I have been a quiet fan for many years but this year I think this show is gong to step up the storylines.

The best thing about this season is that most of the awful over-actors are gone.  Lex (played by Michael Rosenbaum) and Lana (played by Krist Kreuk) both left, HUZZAH!  These two have been annoying me since season one.  Both of them insist on putting every ounce of their feeling into every line, it’s exhausting watching Lana pour her heart out in each and every scene she’s in.  And Lex is just a terrible character, he used to be somewhat complex, now he’s evil, but not in a fun way, he still hasn’t accepted it.  It’ll be great to watch storylines that don’t have Lex and Lana forced in.  That’s not to say that Clark (Tom Welling) and Chloe (Allison Mack) are skilled actors, but they are at least bearable.

The characters that I am excited about are Lois (Erica Durace), who is consistently hilarious and a perfect Lois; The Green Arrow/Oliver Queen (Justin Harley) who is a full superhero, which is what this show needs; and Doomsday (Sam Witwer) Sam Witwer is a thrilling addition, he was in Battlestar Galactica and more recently in The Force Unleashed, a video game, where he played Darth Vader’s secret apprentice.

Also this season, the former show-runners are gone, which means that the show has the possibility of moving beyond Smallville, hopefully meaning that Clark might be able to turn into Superman.  Here’s hoping.

It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia

Thursday, Sept 18 10pm, FX

This show is delightfully awful.  The best description I’ve heard for this show is "Seinfeld on Crack".  That’s truly what it is.  Seinfeld was a group of single middle class people doing pretty much nothing but being unpleasant to others and each other.  It’s Always Sunny is a group of single middle class people doing pretty much nothing but being absolutely terrible to others and each other, in the meantime committing crimes and crossing almost every moral boundary.

I don’t fully understand why Danny Devito is on the show, the show seems a lot dirtier since he came on.  But it’s fun with ot without him.

Click here to watch a hilarious commercial for the show, making fun of the Friends intro. 

Come back next week when I talk about Heroes, Boston Legal, Survivor: Gabon, The Office & ER.

– Izi

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