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Recruiting (part 1)

On Thursday I introduced you to Lost recruiting.  It’s essentially me encouraging you to recruit your friends to Lost.  It is very challenging for people to start watching Lost, especially going into the fifth season.  It is very important that people watch the show in order, to get the full experience. 

A new way that people can now watch Lost is through reruns.  Years ago ABC used to have Lost reruns on during the hiatus, but apparently people would rather watch The Mole than good storytelling.  So it’s been a while since you could watch old episodes of Lost on TV.

But that’s now changing.  Lost syndication has kicked into high gear and four channels will soon be airing old episodes of Lost.


Lost will be airing on the Sci-Fi channel in four hour blocks, sometime soon.  Keep checking your listings and the official site, to see when (it was supposed to be starting on Tuesday, but that seems unlikely.) (source)


G4 plans to Air Lost as Lost 2.0, with pop-up windows, like they did after the writers strike with Lost reruns.  It’s not really necessary, but apparently it helps you in case you missed old episodes. (source)

The CW

Certain CW channels will air Lost reruns, I can’t guarantee that yours will, but it’s worth a check int he ol’d TV guide. (source)

The Space Channel (Canada only)

I know the majority of you aren’t too interested in this, but it’s here anyways.  Lost is already being aired on The Space Channel, according to the official site.

If you’re in any other country, then I apologize, but I have no idea when Lost will be on for you.  Sorry.

So there you have it.  If you’re feeling less inclined to coaching your friends through all four seasons of Lost, just tell them when it’s on TV and leave it at that.

I’ll come back next week and talk about other ways to recruit.

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