206 – Abandoned


Yay, it’s the end of Shannon!  They do a pretty good job of making us not hate Shannon after she’s dead, at least not for a few episodes.  In the end it’s too hard to ignore the fact that there was no chemistry or logic between Sayid and her and she was a bitch and stuff.  But her flashback was definitely sad, there’s no arguing with that.

There’s some exciting Tailies stuff, but it’s nothing compared to what happens in the next episode (I’m so excited).  Shannon’s story is just not cinematically or dramatically exciting so it’s really tough to care about it.  But Shannon does die so it’s not all bad.  I’ll give it another 2.5/10

Character Impressions:




-As soon as Libby hears that Eko saw The Others she asks if he saw the kids.  She’s just too nice.

-Libby’s a good psychologist that’s for sure.  She gives Sawyer a lot of confidence just through a simple conversation.


-Sawyer looks like he’s going to die.  Good thing Eko is nice enough to worry about him.

-Sawyer really screws himself with that attitudeof his.  Obviously no one wants to help someone who insults people all the time.  Apparently pain brings out the worst in him.




-Great, Locke gets involved in Charlie’s drug problem again.  Claire tells him that Charlie is carrying around the heroin smugglers Mary statues.

Ana Lucia

-Ana Lucia gives Michael a brief overview of what The Others did to The Tailies.  It’s very scary, not because of what she said, it’s what she didn’t say, she’s very haunting in that scene.

-It’s awful when Ana Lucia notices that Cindy is gone.  That would be terribly scary, and so depressing after all that time, and all the precautions they took.


-Charlie starts to suspect that Locke might suspect something about his drug problem.  And again I ask, why do we care?


-Eko finds the little bay where Desmond’s boat was.  Of course the boat is gone, but I like when they reuse locations like that, it makes the show seem like a sitcom (in a good way).


-Jin, Michael and Sawyer really have nothing to worry about from The Others.  They weren’t on Jacob’s list, apparently none of the main survivors were, except Walt (I think).




-Sayid promises that he’ll stay with Shannon forever, even if they get rescued.  That’s probably why she had to die.  There’s no way the writers would have been dumb enough to not let Sayid end up with Nadia.




-Claire really doesn’t seem to like Charlie, she’s very annoyed whenever he does anything to do with the baby.  She even complains to Locke saying that he’s acting like they’re married, and she never signed up for that.


-Shannon had sex, that’s probably why she died, they couldn’t have a pregnant Shannon running around.  Also copulation seems to be pretty fatal for females on the island, it also was fatal for little Ana Lucia, not to mention the pregnancy situation with The Others.

-Walt appears to Shannon again, right before he does there’s a wind and her candle/lamp goes out.  Who knows what the wind means, maybe Walt controls it.  Perhaps he’s Storm, from X-Men.  (In an earlier post I thought he might be The Phoenix/Jean Grey.)

-OK, I understand that you’d be a little hysterical about having a vision, but why not try to explain it in a logical way instead of trying to force others to believe that what you saw was real.  It’s not like when Claire had her vision of Locke with a black and white eye, she went to him and started asking him what he was doing in the forest.

-I can actually see why Shannon’s step-mom wants to keep Shannon away from Boone, it would be a little wierd to have your son in love with your step-daughter.  There’s obviously no excuse for what she did though. 

-Shannon to Sayid before she died: “They say I’m just some kind of joke, that I’m worthless.”  It’s funny how that’s exactly how we, the viewers, felt.  Was that a little shout out to us?  I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers killed Shannon because we disliked her.


-His first line in the flashback: “Death sucks, doesn’t it.”  Almost funny.

-This picture of Boone reminds me of Mark Hamill during the Star Wars Christmas Special.  He’s playing Luke but he has a few pounds of make-up on, and he looks like a transvestite.


-I love that Michael gets all whiny when he hears The Tailies story.  Now that he knows he’s not so special with his sad story about how “They took my son”.


-Rose doesn’t like The Hatch.  It’s implied that she doesn’t like the button.  Perhaps her instincts were right.  She appears to have some sort of connection to the island, maybe the island is telling her that the Dharma stations are bad.



Flashbacks (what we knew then):

-I almost expected Shannon’s stupid plan to work, she lets Vincent smell Walt’s clothes then she tells him to run into the forest.  I seriously hoped that she’d run into The Others camp.

Flashforwards (what we know now):

-Everybody hears The Whispers near the end of this episode.  That’s interesting, I assume it’s because The Others were nearby.  Or maybe because Shannon was about to die.

– Izi

3 Responses to “206 – Abandoned”

  1. 1 Cunny
    March 5, 2009 at 4:24 am

    I’ll never understand what Shannon was all about. She was written as being lazy, snobby and unpleasant. There was nothing compelling about her. I started to like her a little more when Sayid got with her, but that’s probably because she was less of a cow then.

  2. 2 Matt
    September 11, 2009 at 4:40 pm

    All this Shannon hate sucks. I thought she was a wonderful character. ;~;

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